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Can I enter Thailand with U.S. green card?

edited February 26 in - Thailand
I’m a Canadian-born citizen but three years ago I permanently migrated to the states for my career. I already have my green card but not I’m not an American citizen yet. My concern is that I might be required to present more papers when I go to Thailand during my visit.
It’s not going to be the first time visiting, though. I already flew there before but I was still a Canadian citizen then. What happens now that I only have a green card? Do I still benefit from the no-visa entry thing? Is my green card status going to be an issue?


  • @jayden32
    You are still a Canadian citizen just because you have been granted a US Green Card does not stop you from being a Canadian citizen. You cannot travel anywhere using a US Green Card alone you need a passport.
  • A Green Card is meaningless. You need a passport to board the aircraft and passport to enter the country. Your passport is the ONLY documentation you require.

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