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Tunisian Visa second time

Hello Friends thanks for your replies to my earlier posts.

When i visited Tunisia in JAN 2017 i had a hotel accommodation receipts/prints with the return ticket, i am an indian and i was allowed to enter Tunisia after keeping me waiting for maybe 20 mins.

Now i will go back in August with my mother to sign the contract, But this time we plan to stay at my girls place. In this case i will not have any Hotel Prints. Can anyone help me / guide me with this situation.

is there any other document that can prove to be helpful to show the immigration officers at the Carthage airport ?
i am really scared the next time, i dont want it to be a disappointment at the airport. Surely i will carry the Letter from the Embassy of Tunisia in India that Indians are not required to have VISA.



  • @tsy_simon
    I suggest you make a hotel booking that can be cancelled with no charge. Surely your fiancees family can arrange this. If not do it via the internet. You will have return tickets and I would take bank statements to show there are sufficient funds for all three of you.

    You keep talking about "the contract" but that "contract" is the civil marriage. You need to understand the wedding procedure in Tunisia

    Specially designated Notaries at the belediya Registry Office “Bureau de l’Etat Civil a la Municipalite” perform marriages in Tunisia.
    Only marriages celebrated before such an official in compliance with Tunisian Law No. 57 August 1, 1957, as amended are legal. If one or both of the contracting parties are foreigners, Tunisian law requires that the marriage also fulfill the marriage requirements of the foreigner’s country.
    Neither a fixed period of residence nor publication of bans is required. A religious ceremony may subsequently be performed at the option of the couple.

    So when do you believe you are married and when will it take place?

  • Dear Alethia,

    Thanks for your valuable advice. i will do a Hotel booking which can be cancelled, and also carry the bank statements with me.

    Visit to tunisia:
    probably after Ramadan i am planning to Visit Tunisia, and visit the municipality for the legal procedures of the contract and the marriage.

    I am talking to my Fiancees father about all the documents that will be required and i will send him all the documents before Ramadan so that they can be translated and if there is something missing then i can make proper arrangements. She will still stay in Tunisia and i will return back to japan for getting her residence permit. After all this is done i will come to Tunisia again in December to take her with me.

    In tokyo: Between Aug/ Dec, I have promised her parents that till the time i don`t get the japanese VISA i will not be together with her. And I will receive her Visa in 1/1.5 months time, initiated talks with the lawyer in Tokyo for this.

    In India: Once she is in japan, i will then initiate the process for her to get the indian X visa, it is a visa for Foreigner Spouses. Checking the feasibility to apply in Tokyo.

    @Alethia: Is there something missing according to the Tunisian Law in the above said plan, can you please guide me so that i can change it if required.

  • @tsy_simon
    The only documents you need for a civil wedding is as follows;_
    Your passport
    A copy of your birth certificate issued 21 days before the wedding
    A certificate from an Imam stating you are a Muslim
    An affidavit stating you are not married.
    Blood tests (both parties require blood tests taken in Tunisia, this is standard procedurefor all weddings)

    So no big deal. I assume all these documents are in English. If they are in Hindi you may struggle to find a Hindi/Arabic/French translator in Tunisia. The Indian Embassy in Tunisia could help with this.

    I had a client from the UK who married a Tunisian lady. After the civil wedding there was a party. He too respected the families wishes not to be with his wife until after the Nikah. He returned to the UK alone he applied for his wifes visa (assisted by me) when the visa was granted, he returned to Tunisia where a Nikah was performed and the wedding reception took place. They did not have the 3 day wedding extravaganza.
    He booked a very nice hotel in Sousse for a few days for the honeymoon and then they left together for the UK. They are very happily married with two sons.

    I am assuming you will be expected to do something like this.

  • Dear Alethia,

    yes i am expecting exactly the same thing.

    thanks for your advice, i will translate all the docs to French if Possible before sending it to my fiancees father.

    and i expect you to advice me when i apply for her visa in japan.

  • @tsy_simon
    All the best for the future and thank you for your faith in me
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