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Bahamas holiday on a budget?

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Is it possible to holiday in the Bahamas on a budget? Are there any campsites or cheap backpackers’ lodges on the islands? Are activities such as scuba diving and other watersports very expensive? And what are general costs like for food, drinks and transport?


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    It is possible to visit Nassau, Bahamas on a budget. There are some inexpensive hotels such as Towne Hotel in downtown Nassau. Stuart's Cove offers diving but is expensive. Bahama Divers is downtown by the Poop Deck and is much cheaper. There is a place called Nirvana on Love Beach that offers snorkeling very cheap, but the owner is not very friendly from what I have heard. You should try to rent a place with a kitchen if possible because restaurants and food in general is expensive. Try renting a place to stay through and order your groceries online from

    Good Luck with your travels
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