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Emergency contact info in Medellin?

I’ve read in a blog before that when travelling solo, you need to gather emergency lines of your destination ahead, i.e. police hotline, fire department, paramedics, etc. I think this is a good idea, so I’m going to do it. A friend who attended a latin foreign tour there agreed with me. Too bad he went to Barranquilla, otherwise, I would’ve had the numbers already.

I’m going to Medellin in three weeks and I need emergency numbers in there. The hotel I’m staying at is somewhere at Calle 6. I need the trunk lines that cover this area. I can’t predict what would happen when I’m there. Better safe than sorry. I will really appreciate your responses.


  • Simply ask for the numbers when you check-in at your hotel.

    I assume you speak good Spanish?

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    Here are the emergency numbers from Colombia, they do not change from town to town

    Colombians love their cell phones, and in urban areas almost everyone has at least one. Cell (mobile) phone and mobile data coverage is excellent. Most unlocked cell phones will work with a local SIM card.
    The three major providers are Claro (, Movistar ( and Tigo ( Claro has the best nationwide coverage, and is the most useful to the traveler. Cell phones are cheap, and many travelers end up purchasing one – a basic, no-frills handset will set you back around $50

    Alternatively you could bring your own cell phone from home and buy a Colombian SIM card which usually costs around $5 You will need to take ID to buy a SIM from one of the companies; you can also buy them from third parties but eventually you'll need to register with the company or risk having your handset blocked.

    Colombian cell-phone companies do not charge you to receive calls, only to make them.
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    This is really detailed, thank you so much! I'll definitely be making use of this.
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