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Any budget itinerary for Davao?

edited February 26 in - General Asia
Hey guy, I need help for my trip to Davao. It’s just going to be a week-long visit. The last time I was there, it was on a tour and everything was already planned ahead of time. Now, I’m doing all the itinerary planning and booking on my own and honestly it’s kind of hard.

I need help in planning my itinerary but I’m on a limited budget. Can anyone suggest a good hotel or hostel for a low price? I don’t really mind if it’s not a 5-star or 4-star hotel. A 3-star accommodation is fine with me. Also, can I hire self-drive vehicles for a low price? It’ll be easier to travel with my own vehicle. Can you guys help me, please? Thanks a lot.


  • @johntopher85
    Driving yourself is okay, but please be aware and obey traffic rules (even speed limits) the authorities are strict in implementing rules. and most of the main roads have CCTV cameras. Filipinos have their own distinctive driving style which can be dangerous to say the least.
    Be warned if you have the merest of bumps with another vehicle you may be instantly regarded (if driving alone) as an 'instant ATM' and hence liable for all sorts of "extra" expenditure.
    Personal drivers, taxis, public transport and tours are very reasonable.

    As for hotels checkout Airbnb, Booking,com etc they always give reviews
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