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Transportation options in China?

edited February 26 in - China
My friends and I are going to Beijing and Shenzhen for our trip. It’s going to be a DIY adventure backpacking, so, we’re not on any tour package of some sort.
Our main concern is how to go around in China like generally speaking. Are there cabs around? What is the schedule for buses to and from the airport coming from the central business district. Can anybody help? Thanks a lot, guys.


  • @ezra391
    Do you realise that Beijing and Shenzen are 1204 miles (1937 kilometres) apart ?
    Thes are the following ways to travel between the cities:-
    2hours and 15 minutes by plane
    or 15 hours and 30 minutes by train
    and 38 hours by bus.
    Do you speak Mandarin as very little English is spoken.
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