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Holiday with kids in Brussels?

We are planning a holiday in Belgium and wonder if there is enough for our kids to see and do in Brussels? Are there any theme parks, aquariums, arcades etc. that we could take them to for entertainment? And if so, what are our best options? We also know there are great waffles in Brussels – can anyone recommend a great place to try them out? Any ideas/tips would be great, thanks.


  • Hi Izzie ! 

    there are some theme parks in Brussels that you could do with your kids !
     In "Brussels city" there's "mini europe" where you can see all the typical architecture from the european countries in miniature ! It's pretty funny and interesting for adults and kids !
    Not far from this park you'll find the Atomium ! The must with Grand Place in Brussels !

    Otherwise, Walibi it's an arcade park with a lot of attractions for kids and it's situaded more and less 40km away from Brussels  (Wavre) ! If you don't have a car you can go directly and easily by train ! 

    Concerning belgian waffles you can eat real ones in each local streetshop and it cost +- 2euro ! 

    I hope my informations will help you ! 
  • Hi Izzie,

    Brussels is a wonderful city, and there is plenty of fun for both adults and kids! Check out this travel guide to Brussels for an idea of some of the attractions you can visit, as well as shopping and restaurants. Fleur is right... there are delicious waffles on nearly every corner!
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