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Lagos scams: pta,bta,mias



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    i have met a girl in nigeria she sad to me she is from sweden Rita Anderssen .Have ennywone hear from here .I think she is scam she ask me money everytime we speak on hotmail , paying has to be on western union.I did pay few times that she can get to buy food .She say that she loves me and want to marry me and become a happy famely. I also payt for visum and ticket 1200eur for visa and 1500 for ticket .I have payt it at a guy who sed that he works at embassy of nigeria Mr Colling (ennybody know him?).and now he ask me to pay 4500 euro BTA. Wath can or should i do ?
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    Im quite upset on how all this has been conducted.That scammer,Kevin Hill,is a compulsive liar and thiesf,I do agree.He has been lying to me as well. However,I was not aware of himbeing married,he told me engaged,with a wonderful woman.But,how much more can a person have.Spokeo states he is a scammer,for future referance,we all need to have him checked. He is quite rude and disrespectful.He will you foul language towards you if you do not do as he says.He can and will be so rude.He will take you out to dry,when you state no, he will become irate towards you.Insult you to the max. I am quite in shock on how he treats you,how can he be with his wife,but,his wife must be a real angel. But his accomplice as well.Hope she can see this and learn how her man is a scammer.
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    Oh by the way, Kevin Hill calims he is an engineer and is very well he is lying.Will want money for alot of things,upsetting.He has no class,no education
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    I am in complete shock.I to have been scammed by that Kevin HilL person.He is up to no good.All he cares for is the money you send.He to stated to me him being a widower.But he told me that his wife is dead,not alive.Much to my disbelief,he was speaking to this woman when I went to send him what he requested,money of course,he had stated that he was unable to leave,had no money.Lodge,food,bills.Evevn asked me for so much from me I almost had to sleep in a shelter.People,please use caution with this fake.His wife is very much alive.I to had hime checked.His wife lifes,yes in the United States,God knows how she is doing.While he has all theses photos of a luxurious house.Maybe not his.Kevin Hill is a bad example to many.All must use caution towards him.He then will have you want to shack up with him,or his friends.In Lagos. Good Luck buster.Take care of your wife
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    i meet this girl from logos nig and she said she want to come to be with me in the usa and she was suppose to have her ticket to come and ready to fly then she said that the people at the airport told her she had to have 1500.00 to have for holding bta money to fly is this the truth or is she just trying to scam me out of the money or dose she really need it to live her country
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    I have a lady who is coming to the USA with me she got this from the below Office of Ministry of Avation. Is this real can anyone tell me as It will be soon to send themoney to her. I took uut the name and her Passport number.

    62550 IKOYI

    Ref: KL0810/ATA/10 Date: 11/05/2012


    I hereby inform you that the above passenger Ms Passport #: will not be allowed to travel if she has not met the requirements of the Aviation Policy as stated in the Enhanced Passenger Assessment & Clearance Act, 2007 provided for all traveler’s international travel.

    We have been directed that no passenger(s) should be allowed to board any airline unless holding the relevant Air Travel Allowance (ATA) Card as per the aviation policy, to which this passenger is not an exception.

    Any airline that does not adhere to this stipulated order and regulation will have its license revoked because of the international regime to maintain legitimate order while migrating to other countries or visiting as a tourist.

    The Air Travel Allowance is a charge of Five Thousand United States Dollars ($5,000.00 USD) which is the amount stated for passenger(s) traveling from Nigeria to the United State for three months (3months)

    This traveling allowance so charged will be refunded to the passenger(s) after checking that he / she has the certain amount to live and stay in United State for three months. It is to show that the passenger(s) will not constitute financial or social dispute on arriving at the designated country.

    On arrival at the Atlanta Georgia International Airport, United State, she will need to provide to the appropriate authority with the provided ATA Card (Air Travel Allowance) which will be issued at the Muritala Mohammed International Airport before departure.

    The Civil Aviation Ministry & the Immigration Department are together assessing a larger number of passengers by cross-checking relevant data with intelligence, border management and law enforcement agencies for enhanced security and thus we would appreciate your co-operation with the same.

    Thank you for your continual co-operation. We are here to serve you better.

    Representative and Dispatch,
    Mrs. Rose Chinyere Uzoma.
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    This is a classic scam. Why would the Nigerian government care if she has enough money while she's in the US?
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    Thank you all for your good comments. I started to chat with a girl who claimed to be an American girl from LA, named Anita Morgan but taking care of her mom in Nigeria, lagos. After some time she started to express her love to me and said we should see each other and plan for our future. Once, I saw her on web cam and some pictures she sent to me. At the first step. she asked me to help her for her flight booking for 750$ and unfortunately I transferred it to her. I am from IRAN and we wanted to meet in Istanbul. But after that she wrote to me about this BTA and asked 1400$. I was doubtful about that, so I searched in internet and thanks God I found this site. As soon as I read the comments, I came back to her telling that I cant come and please return my money I need it for a work mission. I said we can meet each other in a couple of weeks and at that time I will pay your BTA and also the whole price of your ticket, some temptations, she said she would return my money. I dont think she will pay me back that money but I am happy that I have found out these scams in your site. In IRAN we say the sooner you stop the loss,is your benefit. If didnt see your site, I would pay that 1400$.

    Thank you all
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    Hello, i feel like such a moron. My mum inlaw started talking to this guy from the UK who said he was a widowed artist with 1 son and no other family, he asked for help to send his Brass goods back to the UK from Nigeria and he would head to us after that and pay us back. He even sent us, what looked like, legit ticket info when he claimed the tickets were booked.

    Anyway, my partner (her son) and i sent him all up $600 (including processing fees.) via Western Union. And mum messaged him to say we sent the money, everything was good until he asked for another $3,700 to pay for PTA and that he can't leave Nigeria, until at least $2,000 was paid. I was fuming! I got online and looked up PTA and when i seen what it really meant, i felt so disgusted in myself. All i want is for her to be happy and i don't care what the cost is BUT tonight i just couldn't take it. I feel like such a pathetic moron that i have just wasted $600 on this, i feel like a worthless mother for my 2 children.
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    I met a woman on Facebook. Said she was a hair stylist and lived in Great Britian. When her father died, her mother, moved back to her native county Nigeria. Her father was British. From Britian she sent money to Nigeria to help out her mother. Occassionally, she visited her mother in Lagos, Nigeria. She went down for Christmas and has been there since then. I sent her up to $1500 for a plane ticket and VISA. She said she had $1000 she was adding to what I had given her. She invited me to be a friend of hers on Yahoo Messenger. She said when she came to America, we'd get married and she'd have my kids. She also said when she came to America, she'd cook all my meals. She ask me if I had a car and said she'd be my chaffeur. She said when she got a hair styling job, she would start helping me pay my monthly bills. On the day of the flight, I got a frantic call from Stella. That's her name, Stella Walton. Saying Immigration wouldn't let her leave without paying a $3000.00 BTA. The so-called immigration agent even called me back, telling me that Stella was sitting on a bench crying, waiting for me to send her $3000.00.
  • I have ment a young man same thing happen but I didn't fall for it he was a model and had to go back to nigeria for something and I forgot wat it was when he first got there he need money for food I didn't send him no money and then he got bite by something and need 550med didn't send him no money and now his car need fix that was going to cost him500 to get fix didn't send him nothing he gose _by daneil sedo
  • And his yahoo id on his I'm is ineedagirltobe I have
  • Pic if anyone thinks his the same dude
  • I need some help. My aunt is sending money to a man in Lagos. She will not believe me that he is not in the army. I have asked to stop but he has told her he will come marry her after she sends him the money to get him here with her. Please i need to know how to show her that he does not love her.
  • Hotmom: If he's in the army, then all his travel costs will be taken care of. Servicemen do NOT have to pay for their flights, accommodation, or per diem.

    Please have her read this thread. There are so many stories just like hers, hopefully you can help her avoid an unhappy ending.

  • I met this man named Christopher (Chris) Cole on black planet. Chris was always writing the sweetest things possible, always referring to me as Baby, sweetie, he loves me so much etc. We soon exchanged numbers and we would text each other being that there was no charge to me. When we spoke over the phone (him calling me) he sounded nothing like someone from Cuba! He sounded to me like someone from Africa even yet... Nigeria. Soon after we spoke he asked for money for his very sick daughter who was having heart problems. I even spoke with her over the phone. I was suspicious of him and decided to make up another account for yahoo. My new name was Jazzlyn. We started conversing on yahoo. It wasn't long before Chris began telling me the same story...that he was born in Cuba but that his parents were killed by jealous people. He said he managed to get away and went to Washington he slipped one day and said he was from Texas. Right away I knew something was wrong with his story. However, I was so carious as to what he had in stored for me I kept on communicating with him. Chris said he has a daughter who is 6, he has a picture of the two of them on yahoo. Chris and I chatted with one another a few times before he told me he was going to Africa on a business trip, his independent line of business was importing special cars. Well, it took him only a day to reach his location (Africa) and no more then a day after he told me his daughter was in a hospital with Asthma. The next day she was identified with having a hole in the heart. He asked me to send money because down in Africa nothing would be done if money wasn't paid up front. I told him my uncle lived in Detroit and was a reporter for a local paper and that he might be able to help him. Chris responded by saying...Send me the money first because it was really important he get the money right away to save his daughter's life. I told him I will send half the funds which would be about 500 dollars. Chris said that it was important that I send the money via Western Union and that he had an account already with them (lol I'm sure he does!) 
    The address he gave me was *Awe Dotun, City: Lagos; State: Lagos; Country: Nigeria; Zip code: 23401. He told me to come back on line when I was done and to give him the MTC number. During all this time he has been texting me telling me that I am his one and only, he does not talk with anyone else on the internet. I said wow! This guy is really good or at least he thinks he his. Now why does he think he can get away with treating North Americans like we are dummies!!! Our kindness should not be taken advantage of by scammers. He must have money to be able to call me and text me everyday. Anyway, I had enough of this game and am now going to tell him the scam I did on him. I will then delete my account. I just wanted others to know to be careful and if you are not sure of the person you are chatting with investigate.
  • Hi..for short time.i was corresponding with a fine dressed man..besides his photoes there was a pretty blond child standing .He sent me more photoes on my mail box chat his pic too and from..his child ...she has then 7 y old..and was living with him this long years alone cause her mother died when she was born...I was so sorry for him...when i start to make questions about the mother..he gave me no answer..and i though that i was unpolite to hurt him and remember him about his dead wife he has loved her so much.So we sent to each other everyday letters and most was love stories letters and love declarations and promises to came to me and marry me...and have a family...He was working in Dublin at one Company road in Dublin city local company that produce to chocolate..His daughter was going to Andrews College in Dublin...I was so in love and i started to tell him all about me and my he used my believe to convince him to send him step by step 50,euros that for me it was much money...together he stole from me 150,euros and let me to pay a high bill of diaries telephone calls to him to talk over...So suddendly he said me he is camming to me in the next weekend and the imformations were much confused then he said me he was flying to Nigeria and his ticket was 3.000,euros and more to his daughter??then he said me the mobile nummber from him and i did not know that was a mobile nummber as he gave me the mobile nummber of him from UK too.and i used the operater to call him about more than half hour and more...later when i had discover that were mobile nummbers of all he was giving to me it was too late..I have spent 65,euros with telephone cards included....So in Nigeria he was there to make businnes...and took his child together...then he said me that the roubbers has attackt him into the car and took from him 52.000,euros cash ...the litter daughter was hitting from the armed roubbers and she went to make an treatment at the Hospital,with he has to pay with the reserve of the money he still had in his he said he has some reserves to take a taxi to the airport and so one,but he was needing 100,euros to pay his lagagues and the litter daughter..I could never see or talk to her...i fall down inocent too much and silly too much on his all stories and tricks...i sent him per West Union twice transferences of 50,euros and included the Bank taxis of 20,euros...First i did send him 50,euros and he said me he could complete with someone ,suddendly he was needing more 50,euros and nobody was giving to him...then i had to send him this it was lost already 120,euros i had from my job .I had a mini job and i got this money...he said me he was camming to me and will spent three months with me and my daughter and his daughter and he will pay all and more to me when he arrives to me...But he did not came ...and i was very angry to him...then he said me he was needing to pay the PTA and was needing more 100,euros...then i sent him 50,euros...later he did not came and he improve a new story that he was attacked from robbers at the Bank again and he had the hand hurt...i was not believing anymore on his tales and i was furious and went to the Police Station where i live and i did an dinouce...but it is quite sure that nobody will find him..I am still trying to contact him to take some proves to send to the police...sending him emails with different stories as he did with me...but now..he is very smart and almost do not write me anymore and keep waitting that i call him again...I know neither the Criminal Police will take him...i lost my all money of my job that he will use for bying guns and drogs or black businness with the shiep he did say to me one time that his friends were bad and taking drogs then i was thinking how a man who has a Company has such kind of friends? he said always that money was never for him a problem..he was rich..well ,he got furious when i discover that he was a scammer but later he was laughing a lot and making imitation of  him crying like it was when he gave me the child over the phone to talk to has sound like someone was behind or himself talking though the nose..when i had make question about to him he said to me that she was still sick and i should not stress her.Curious is that the litter child looks like him...and it is so real that i ask myself still if he is on this photo by facebook or not..??His surname is an Africanish surname...pehaps he can say next time to me that his parents were from South Africa and it is why he has this surname...On this profil stands that he cames from time i had asked him...where are you from ..and he forgot what was on his profil and he said me from Ireland...did you forget that? then i told him on your profil stands that you came from Greece..then he said me that he was born in Greece but came to Ireland to make his company...he has not conection with his family cause everybody was mad to him and much jeaulousy of the life God has gave to him..Well,he told me he has blocked this profil in facebook but he is still there..His friendslist is blocked that nobody see the next victims or new contacts or even the woman who are helping him on this scams operations..I saw on his profil about 8 women but he said he had never contact to then.i had believed on that all.I did blocked him and was somedays away of his profil..Today i had already unblocked just to see what he is doing now...and i sent him new messages and asked him if he was needing more money and i love him and i wanted no marry with my engaged and more......but he is so smart that he do not send me back any messages till now..cause the knows that from me he get no any coin anymore..You know when you are alone you can fall in love in one pic you do not know it..because his words get your believe at all and convince you to strong to fight for this man( or in case woman?)and you are so blind..When i went at the Police Station i did not want to denouce him..but the criminal policewoman said me to do that...i had send messages to the criminal police in Nigeria but they did not answer me ,so i heared that the Police in Nigeria is nothing good..well...i am waitting now on what he goes futher to walk around to take more money from me...Many people said to me that i will have to forget this all and not the Police will can find him...So if you see a fine man dressed and a child besides him ,be sure that he is a scammer...he was laughing much over the phone when i was furious cause he stolle my money ...she still sent me some mails with his lovely letters but i do not believe on him anymore...I will hope that he will use the money to help his family..
  • Hi...i did today a comment about one story that i lived in facebook ...but now i see over here that my story is not here anymore just from another please where is the story i have sent today on htis post comment..I would be very glad if you would return my story to the people hear from me what has happen to me...I am now very carefull with scammer on my skype...everyday i get calls to make businees with Nigerian so i have just the work to block then and it is over...I am silly too much...i know that...but when i am sick with somebody who lies to me and abuse me i can be also very criative and inteligent to play over this scammmer the same game he did with me ...i am trying to get his believe ...but he is too much smart and i am waitting that he will send my money back when not he will not receive any money of is sure a game...but lets see if i will be so good as him....if i have to lose this money so it will be for the poor and sick people in emergencies in Afrika Nigeria...i will keep this positiv thinking because it is for me better than think that this money i have lose it will be used to bad things like to buy drogs and guns and more it is for me a game over...but i know i will not have this money back...if i will be so good than God will bring my money back when i will get from God twice i have loose..Indeed i am trying to educate my scammer to get him out of the criminal opperation of scamms...ok...tomorrow i am going to the church and i will pray that God will change this person who are still trying to scam me...and show him that if he will give up to be a scammer he has more to own that steal the money of those inocents like me...God will speak louder and pehaps i wil have the lucky to transfor this person and he will be so touch that he will give my money back...So sad is that i am so in love of his pics and i believe still that he is the same as he is in this pics ...but i do not know if he is lying or not...cause his stories are too good for me...but i am keepping my eyes very oppened and i will ask him more money and i will see what he will do...kkkkkor i will offer him more money that he can send me back what he has stolen from me....i do not know what will happen...i love this man so much...and it is for me to sad to lose him...but now...i see he is a scammer and he can not love me just my he use all tricks still to get me convinced that he needs to fly back to me and later to the U.K and it is for me so hard playing but i will transform him in one way that he will give me what he has stolen in a durty way...using PTA and lugages taxis to the airport and thieves everywhere...around i love him so much...and i am so happy to see his pictures is why something tell me that he is a scammer but he is sick and those people needs care and love to be transformed...when not ...i will sometimes to get my own way and i will not talk to him anymore...Still i say now...that i feel that he is a smart scammer and someone is behind him or besides him...???i do not know it .....i am living now a scammer story and it is hard because i am much in love for this man...and i will pray to transform him in a normal person...i know it is not the reality of the inteligent people even so if i am silly i will be very smart now...and never i will do anymore the same mistake... i will help an Nigeria Organization somtimes ...and it will be said now this time for this scammer...that he feels that in me is a pretty nice heart and he is playing with me all the time...and breaking my heart more and more...indeed i will try to get his believe to show him the sunshine is brighting when he will give up to scam me and see i am a person that he can respect and give me my money back but when God save this money to save Nigeria of the hungries people and illness everywhere and all more necessities and God for sure will give me twice what i had lost...this money will be for help pehaps his family??and he can not work and he is in dispair??i try to think positiv as the same time i am so angry to be scammed ...and have a broke heart now...because his love is just about my money and his pretty words just is used to convince me to get him out what he say the hell of Nigeria...and cames to me...pehaps it will really happen...??if God will want that...but the possibilities is that he will never came....and when i will send him 3.000,euros more ...he will disapiar like was last time...he never calls me ...i have to call him all is so sad that i love a scammer or someone that i believe is real in my mind ...just...??it is so confused in my brain and the denouce I made at the Police i took back...cause my life is more value than the money i lost...As i said i will hope he took this money not for bad things but for his family or for helping someone...if he is really the man of this pic and if he will love me???God will show me ...of course the reality shows me that he is still trying to scam i said i am strong now ...and i will educate him ...even he will try to do his best to convince to to send him more money ...i will hope that my hoppie will be a confort for my heart so break down me...
  • Trauth:

    Seriously. This man has already disappeared after you gave him money, why are you trying to convince yourself that he's not lying to you???

    Read the other stories in this thread. Then cut off all contact with him and find a man you can actually meet face to face.
  • where is my reporter i did yesterday and before yesterday??please let me see then .thank you...
  • Well...poeple this case I am living with this scammer of the Facebook is much work for me ...I have tried my best the last three days to get him using a lot of stories of my criation ...but he is too strong and professional and he is still thinking i am much silly to send him more money..kkkkkkso i said on my last mail that i would ask the police to remove my denouce...but today i have changed my mind and i will let the police works on this case...I am so happy that this love is gone...cause God had helped me yesterday to see that he is a bad character criminal and pehaps he is working with the Africans too...or he is an african behind this nice photoes he sent to me...of course this litter child looks much like him...but he has not the right to scamm me as he did ...i have pehaps spent close to 1.000euros???with those all bouchchiets of him pray for me people that i will find him and he will get a lesson he will never forget....I am just afraid that he will kill me and my child,cause it is the case of Nigeria Mafia working on Facebook and internete please take case and do never talk to stranger over your skype ....everyday i get calls on my skype but i have just the work to block me..
  • Please let my old reports here on this page...thanks..
  • Trauth you have two posts on here both written on May 17 . They are both long winded and would do justice to War and Peace. We can all see them and personally I gave up reading them.
  • Trauth:

    None of your posts have been deleted.

    My advice would be to simply forget him. These scammers are not interested in hurting anyone, they just want your money. When you stop sending it, they will move on to their next victim.
  • If you will see a charmming man who cames of Dublin Ireland living in UK, and working in Nigeria making business, be carefull.!!".he is very nice dressed with pics of one litter child 7 y old closed to the swimmpool, or he himself alone in internete..please, do not talk to him anyway..He is the scammer who was contacting me in internete..The name he uses is Chris Ese ...or Chris Esegboria.... "Do not never send money to strangers in internet as i the result of all is just shame and angry to myself that i was silly too much.please,.pray for me and for my child...i will pray for you too on sunday at the i am free of this sick love and dependence of him..i will not talk to him anymore..Have a good night and a nice weekend...i will keep prayers for you too on the next sunday at the church.bye for now...good night ,me
  • please add my old commentaries i did ...thank you...
  • Sorry much for my bad english...hope you will understand me!!! well,i was keepping contact to Chris Ese from Dublin Ireland from Facebook....sometimes we had troubles i had oppened my mind to him and said him he was scamming me....I had improved a criation story that i had a engaged and he was very rich...i do not know if he believed on this tale of mine or he was playing back to me too.After many discurtions with him i told him that i had denouce him to Facebook...even the Facebook still keep his two profils in i told him to take care and he has found an good idea to provock me ..he add on his profils some women from Brazil where i do came from...I was crazy and angry....and on the end i had the bad idea to write to those women to say about the scammers reporters i did read over here...Brasilians women are always in competitions and i guess they were is love of his nice pics already and from his daughter that stands on this living room right now...the old photo i saw the litter girl was looking much like him..on the new photoes i have asked him why and why he said me he has no more photoes of her and him on his mobile in Nigeria...sudendly cames out those photoes on a rich house like a rich man who he says he is....The women had talked to him i guess over he did closed his page and his friendlist...i was so angry but he chosed to go on with those brasilien women...once more i wrote to then and i told what he did to me...on the end i lost all contacts to him and i can not have any new mails from him like a prove...I hate myself to feel this crazy love inside of me like a fire..and i swear that he is not lyling sometimes...but the all stories he was telling to me...when i read this all reporters it sounds much that he scammed me...and he was not alone...I told him that i suspect that behind this nice photo is an african behind...he says that is him ...and it drives me so crazy.....I do not know the end of this story with him...To fall in love for someone who treat you bad and asking your money all the time to get out of came to meet you and pays everything back as he did three times tooking my money and never is too hard....I have talked to the police again....i was able again to remove the denouce...cause i am so confused with this all...he asked me money more 100,euros to pay the PTA and he said to me send me the money tomorrow...he was so in a hurry !! so sound something strange on his stories...while i was talking about my fantasy husband very rich...i told him i would send him more money that he was needing so he was very glad but took care on his mails do not write exatly how much money he was needing....i am so sick with all those things...i know the police will not find him...and those women are comunicating to him giving him instrutions that he should not talk to me people have you an idea to help me??all my friend in Germany said to me stop talking to him...i try but i do so lonely now...i swear that i am confused if he has a fake pics or not...I had tried trough the internete to find something but i could not find a fake pic or his surname...he said me that his surname Esegboria is commum in you think it is true...? who can help me ??i do sick now...cause this crazy love...he has a pic like a fine dressed man...and much handsome...he said to me some days ago...that he is very handsome and the women are running after is so hard to hear that....if you have a advice to me tell me please...i wrote to facebook today again and told what he did with me but i think the facebook will not care...pehaps him or his new women has writting something about me to facebook??It is much crazy what i am living now...he stop talking to me and i can not know about him anymore...and i am sure the police will not find him anyway...i am afraid that if he belongs to Mafia????it will be dangerous for me and my child...??when not...i am a bad person judgin him so bad? do you think that his stories about PTA and laguages and child suffering hitting from the armed roubers it is true? do you think i am driving crazy ? so please if you can help me to be strong and do not be silly anymore...I am so a kind of good person but i have any lucky in love...thank you
  • so i am sad and crying now...missing him at people pehaps i do not love myself...if i were somebody more clever i should let he goes and works together with the police to find him...i do afraid that i am wrong to think so bad about him...once more if you think that this story at all is from a scammer tell me please...he ask me money and never he has always a escuse to say later...sometime ago...he was laughing over the phone and said me :I am hungry...i am words i did say to him when i sent him my money of my job i should buy food to me and pay my things..while he did promises to came to Germany and he would pay me back he lied to me three times...i lost all the reliance on him...Today night like yesterday i can not sleep i do feel so down..and hurt and he is over me...i sent him today three or four emails but i know he will not answer to me...just if i do say the money he asked me is comming on next monday it can be suceded but he will get anything from me anymore...if you are more clever than me ...please do advice me if i do wrong to suspect he is a scammer or not? you can find him with a nice blue closed and the child besides now on his living he said to me he had no more photoes it sound strange...he can scan his photoes on facebook or to send to me...and when i asked him the copy of his passport he said me it was not possible to have a fax or a scan in Nigeria...people i do love this crazy man so much...what i can do now? i have a break heart and i can not go on suffering for him...if you can help me to decide what is right or wrong tell me...write me you
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    Trauth have you nothing better to do than write reams of nonsense about a scammer. The person you are infatuated with does not exist he never did he is a figment of your imagination.

    He is not in the Mafia, he is most likely a Nigerian who lives in Nigeria and has never left Nigeria and he sits in front of his computer scamming silly women like you who are so desperate for love and affection they become obsessed and give away money,iPhones and other items.

    There is no such thing as PTA or BTA they are scams used to obtain money.. Of course there are fax machines and scanners in Nigeria .

    You need to get a life and stop crying over a scammer, go to the doctor if you are so depressed ,
    Si sind eine dumme Frau !!!!
  • courious that yersterday cames a man who did contact me time ago...he wanted to contact me and said me he wanted to know me much better..He is also from Dublin Ireland UK and he was working like an engineer...he was selling goods or i do not know what with the shiep....his profil was almost the same of Chris Ese...nice pics on his i though to play with him...and i told him that i am engaged and i was not free for him..but if he would not ask me any money to send to we could be two good friends...i took a chance tell something about Chris Ese but i did not told his name...on the end i told him that i would ask someone if she would like to comunicate to him...later i said that the woman do not like facebook and i could not write him anymore...believe on me ...he sent me no answer...i guess he is also a scammer...the same city living also in UK...i do not know exatly but the stories and profils look like the same...Not for now...many scammer was around me on facebook ..but i had never send to anybody any money...but Chris Ese was professional...and now i am sad and i do not know what i will do...good night people ...hope you can give me a solution for this all crazy story...i do fear if i judge him wrong that i am bad ...but i do not know why i am feeling that...??
  • Why Facebook do not take serius what i do write about him i do not know...usually they should care about and kick him out of facebook...but if they will do that Chris Ese can make a new profil??i do not know...sometimes i get so angry and revolted with this all...he is kicking me now...cause he knows i will run after him more and crazy is that i am living now...why the facebook are doing nothing i do not he will not scame anybody anymore in facebook? Curious is that he did two women with the friendlist blocked to show the woman like they could trust on him...then i saw another profil of him with another woman only and the another women had not him as a friend on this new profil...i called him liar and i got angry too he has blocked me ...cause i did much angry to him and i said him that i was taking with those email i said him he had provock me...but i am sure he does not care...he will be a new lover of one of those women also did not answer me ...what i am living sad and hurt no more...and i do need a job to pay all telephone calls i did for him...I have a lowyer now...and i will hope i will get a job in soon...what he did with me was so crue....i must be crazy really to love somebody like him..
  • Yes crazy !  Ja verrückt !
  • i decide to take a decition...about the scammer Chris Ese...from Dublin Ireland in Facebook...I will break contact to is better for me....he is much clever now and he do not answer my mails...i guess he knows already that the police will contact to him in soon if God will help me...I realized that this silly love is much silly of me...and as more i read the comments and reporters about scammers i am sure he is one....I sent much messages to facebook...but he is still there....i do not understand why....if the facebook will accept him...or his tales...if he did sent messages to facebook and told then he is inocent and much honesty ??i will not care about...i will not contact to him and walk away of him...he wants more money from me and i will send him no money anymore....i will take care of myself now..and this game is over for me...pehaps my lowyer will help me with the Police...The scammer Chris Ese from Facebook...nice dressed with his daughter always changing the photoes of her in his the facebook will not care on what i am sending to then...they do not take my suffer serius...i do not know...Now i am free of this silly love...I am sending the mails and reporters to the Police in Germany ...even i do know it is impossible to get him,pehaps...he said me if the german police will arrast him...he has his conections and he will prove his inocence...i guess he is an african man behind his name and charming pics even so if he is that man??i will not care...Work with scammer you have just a way if you become victim ask the police help and walk away of then...and learn your lesson well...I will contact to West Union in Germany and i will see what can i do...kisses and thank you for your attention....Pay attention on him at the facebook....many women likes him..but i guess it is a fake photo....Bernard O Thomas and Kelvin Mark is also scammers of Facebook..and i suspect of Jack M.Charles...soldier of Kabul....i suspect it is a scammer behind his photo...bye...
  • Listen Alethia...your coments are much hard and unfriendly much  for me...i know it can happen with any woman... i read all reporters in youtube too.There were women that lost a lot of money more than me...Nice that you found out that he is a scammer...thank you....i am not silly as you think.. and wirte here...just i am alone...and i am not disperate to find a man....i can have a man if i want to...this things has happen with many women and it could happen to you or one of your friends too. do not think that you or your friends one day in your life can not make any mistakes...It can happen not just in Facebook or in other pages in can happen with men you know personaly too..I see the Germany tv many programs about that...I used never send my money to anybody in Internet...but now...he was profissional...and i had fall down....I do not like when you tell me i am crazy and i have to go to the doctor....I am not depressiv...I am happy that i am walking away of this silly scammer...I just kept some contact to became mails to the Police...and my lawyer...this love that i was imaginnig to feel it was just a fantasy ....I was talking at the church and i have power now to stop any contact to him....How you had discover imformations about him...i would like to know that....You can keep please your offences to you back...I guess you are Mussulins and it is not nice..that you use to offend people like you did with me...Dont worry that it was the first time and last time i did that...I can hve a man to marry me...the time i want...that time i was alone and i had many privates problems it was why i fall down on his nice pics and so one...Even so i am not silly or can happen with many found out and do not offend me anymore...bye...
  • Well..many people send over here their comments when they became victims or those scammers does not mean anyway that these person are silly or crazy ...We are human and it is all...i will take any offences like help like the commentaries of Mrs..Atethia ....cause she can not help me just offending me....I am walking away now of him...i just want to play a game with him back...but he is much clever...and i will run away of him..i was alone...and it can happen with men and women...not because we are crazy or silly...The offences of Mrs.Atethia above can not help me ...cause it is just offences...and not help...those kinds of commentaries is not my leve...Thank you people if you can comment something without ofend not know that ofend people is never the way to help someone...i would never write her back ofences ...if i had been on her situation...if she was a victim of scammers ....Bye...Thank you...
  • Sorry her name is Mrs. Alethis.. the woman of this comment above...i guess she is Mussulin...I have some friends they believe in Alla God too...and they do not use to ofend people they are kind and much polity..ok...there are somes you can not trust or even expect that they have any your comments if you do not offend is not a place to offend is a page you divide your suffering and pain to the other victims...she has to understand that...pehaps she has not conditions to do thatkkkk!!bye...
  • Mr.Anya K..thank you for your kind advices to me....I see you are a gentle person and anyway you try to offend it is a nice commentar of one person with have level ...thank you....This silly love is away of me now..and i am conviced the is a liar...and not the person of this pics...I have already send many reporters to the facebook but he is still working there with those pics or anothers....The Germany police and my lowyer are giving me support on this case...but it is quite sure that is will be hard to find him...cause he is in Nigeria ...thank you for your kind advices...I am free now...and cutting any contact to him..i will block my mail...and my phone nummber i had changed too...he can scamm other women but me no more....I feel free of this dependence of this person and i do not feel alone anymore like that i have friends in the church and for sure i will have a nice man in my life...I am not silly and crazy like Mrs.Alethia has comment is offences ...and if she will not read my comments it is her own...once more i apreciate your comments without offending me...God blesses...
  • Sorry for my bad english...!!Pehaps you can denouce this scammer in Facebook too...thank you...
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