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Lagos scams: pta,bta,mias



  • Listen once more call me crazy and silly if you start to offend me do you think you are a smart woman??Ofend people is never a have to learn education before you can came here to offend people...please do not comment anything i do write...I am not your level...!! The mistake i did has made many women....and nobody of my friends had called me silly or crazy....they supported me with nice advices and words....Who knows that your photo and name you added hier is yours??kkkkso have a nice time...and please do never comment anything from me...Thank you!!!
  • i have said not wast your time....writting here to offend me ! Here is not a place to ofend people....I just want to add here the phone nummber Chris Ese or Esegboria is using in Nigeria...and UK...when was the first time i ring to him...his mobile nummber is 0023-48158361193 can be that he attends using another name??His mail address is [email protected] I have already sent to yahoo a message that this mail belongs to a scammer...but i do not know if the yahoo will kick him out???There are many scammers using the yahoo mails....!!!I am feeling good that i am walking away of this man...Now my phone has another nummer...and my mails is blocked ....what i can do i am doing...that he can not contact to me....If i will have luck????pehaps the Police willl find him...???i do not know...I will scan his his photo he is using in facebook...on one of his profils...i guess he use differents profils with differents photoes???Have a good day...bye...If you like to comment my story....and you do not use words to offend free to add me a comment...All my friends are conforting me in this painfull time...but as i said i am feeling good inside of myself...i will hope that he will not try to follow me ....
  • Sorry i did forget to add the phone nummber he used in UK it is mobile nummber 0044-7045747483.He gave me also this mobile nummber oo112505787222 but i do not know which area it is 0011 ??He is now in Edo State-city -Benin city- country -Nigeria (Chris Esegboria) it was the imformations he add me to send his money using West Union...Another contact is 0023-48033904564..He said me it is a fight company-or from the airport...Somebody called Gery...attends the phone and he said me that the PTA cost 100,euro...after that he run fast to call to Chris Esegboria or Chris Ese to imform him that i have ring him and he said him that i was not believing on this story...
  • Chris Esegboria or Chris Ese sweer he is not a scammer!!!!
  • Of course he is a scammer!
  • Mrs Alethia...I think really you can not read ....i have told you not comment anything i do write over here ...I want you leave me in have no time to wast to yourself?? Please stop to comment my just offend people and you are more silly and crazy than me...because you are everytime here just to critize think you are very smart...but you are stop to comment what i do write...waste your time reading the comments of other victims...leave me in peace...!!! I am sure you are not the person of this pic....
  • Mrs can not help think you think you do any mistakes in your life ...dont you ??you are the person that thinks you are smart than the is not a place for you....spent your time to critize people and add your silly comments following people like me other area of the internete...found out now...!!!
  • Beware of David Knight,Dan Miller,David Moore,David Morre and Jackie Miller operating from Ukraine with accomplices in Malaysia,Ghana,Nigeria,South Africa and some other countries that i have not yet discovered. He is a Nigerian student at the East Ukrainian University Lugansk,Ukraine. His real name is Chinedu and he comes from Ebonyi state in Nigeria. His sister Nkechinyere is based in Lagos,Nigeria. Beware!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    Please I can not say it enough...FOLLOW YOUR GUT FEELING NOT YOUR HEART!!
    Good Luck..Amen

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    he is ok
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    An antique dealer in Lagos... I don't think so. He is probably grooming you to scam you. He will be telling you next that he cannot get items worth $350,000 out of customs

    He will then be detained or imprisoned and will ask you for an iphone and $10,000 to buy his release.
  • And then he'll be in hospital and need $1200 for his bill.
  • Where is my comment i wrote in german language??
  • Trauth,

    Why the German Reply?
  • After translation I see that you have no clue what it is like to have you life savings stripped away from you by a Nigerian scammer...Yes call me fool..I have made it my mission to ensure that this NEVER EVER happens to another person as long as I shall live!!
    Good Day..

  • BTA IS FAKE....I dont care what you say...I called every Embassy and Airlines they all said same thing..
    Not real..OK...YOU GET IT...WE DO...
    Even MY SCAMMER say its not real..after he tried to pull on me....Ahhhh...
  • "Smile ..."...your smile...will give you power...even your heart is crying now..Immer den köpf hoch!!!
  • Hi Trauth,

    This is an English-language forum... we don't allow comments in other languages as we cannot effectively moderate them.
  • Well yesterday i had written here a long letter and a day before too...My english is so bad...i fear nobody will understand me...I do not know whats happened with my last messages..?? If somone has delited my two letters and the reason of what??? I was just sincere on waht i am feeling not...I remember that i said something like...You have not to worry if someone will ofend you or do not understand you...just tell your experiences even you are suffering now...Stand up...boy and girs !!! I am going to the Church now...i met some friends and it is so nice...nobody hurt me with words to push me down...nobody says to me that i am guity or if i was...that i have nothing knowlegment about scammers or so on....nobody ofend me...!! Yesterday was a nice letter..i did...unfortunately my messages over here are gone...I live in Germany long time i can speak but to write is sometimes problems..but i guess better than my i did try to comment my story in was why....or to protect me from someone over here...!! She offended me ...and i think it is not nice..Yesterday night i was thinking something...."Hello...dear victims...if you need a friend or a hand just call me ...if you want to cry...let your tears falling down on my hands...i will dry all from your face...You are never stupied...even you think so..sometimes i do is not the case even so ...that you are....Do you know the song of Tracy Chapmman "For my lover"...pehaps we victims we did like that...holding to the ilusion that we were loved...for someone that does not exist...No the Police not the lawyer will can do anything...!! The scammer is in somewhere in is difficult that in Europe they will can follow this case...???I have read many reporters in internet...most are the same that i hear about one month....I ask myself who is that man on that pics...but sometime it will not important anymore...Things about for money because they are suffering and more stories is all liars at all..everybody knows now...that is just systems...You now..became are was in can can fight for your love...sorry that you and me....we did a wrong choice...I am walking away of this scammer...and i will hope that you will find some friends like me in the Church...Do not worry what the people will tell to you...!!! Take my hands and let i hold you ,dear are not alone...Yersterday in the Church my friends said to me ...pretty things...nice words and about God..So they push me up...and i felll better now...sometimes i cry....i am confused...walking around and around...if you do feel the same not worry are not silly or crazy...!!! Of course we know that we were pehaps stupied to send money to a stranger....??What i want you to know,dear victims...that it can happen in your life or in the life of someone else...Smile and walk ...God is there for you....Sorry for my bad german messages are gone...Hope this message will not be delited too.
  • Dear friend Anya K i do remember you last letter to me...You are so kind to the all i said my english is very just a school english and what i learn when i watch movies...kkkkksorry if i do a bad english...!! You are a kind person...thank you when you do write me...!!! I am so glad..."You know...yesterday on my letters ...i said about something inside of me...always making questions about who is that man on those all pics...??who is that child??I would like to see this man...!!! Pehaps i could say to him..."I was so in love of you...but never of your games...and never for this criminal behind your pics...I would ask him...pehaps...did you sell your photoes to someone?? do you work with scammers??who are you??Someone has stollen your photoes??Well i could never found those photoes in internet...i am still trying to is why all my queations still working and asking me into my is better i start to stop to ask those things to myself...You know...i spent one month with a scammer romance...i had never in my life sent money to a stranger in internet...never i did...they tried a lot...i could resist...But now...i fall down...even so...i do smart and i want to give power to all victims...and if you need a friend i am here...I will never judge you or offend you...or tell you that you understand nothing about scammers...we can help each other both...I can tell you all vixtims how i love you all...Go to the Church and pray and sing to God...all your friends in and sisters in God will abrance you and show you you are not alone....Stand dear are nice...your can be strong...reading and getting imformations more and will feel good to alert people that they will not fall as you makes you feel strong...Today my tears fall down again...but i did remember of one song i have on my wall in Facebook..together with other videos...this song tells you that you may think positiv...and you feel power to stand up....Once more ...sorry for my bad english...I would like to write in better form... Let the people think what they want about you...if they will comment things that they do not know...leave it...For can are are can stand are son of God...Pray and you will see that God will make a wonder in your life...And when you read long letters of one men or a women trying to ask money for you in internet ..walk away ..."Honey...I adore you....i am camming to marry you...what i feel for you is so strong are my are my husband...and more is too good to be true!!! Not just in Internet thieves are everywhere...You are not the first...that are people who lost more money than me and you...Keepping reading over here ,youtube and another sides of the internet to get more and more imformations about will be able to help someone...and yourself...Love you all...bye...Sorry for this english....kkkkki can learn more and more...when i do try to understand the messages here...
  • Mrs.Anya K...thanks for your kindly imformations...i will try to send messages in my bad english even so...hope someone will understand me!!kkkkthank you for your nice words and friendshiep to me...
  • I do very fine...hope you too..after reading more and more all the comments here and youtube...!!bye..
  • I wondering if i was being scammed. In march a man named gary SmiFriendedFriended me on Facebook said i looked like a nice person and get to know me. we talk everyday in a month after we started talking he said that he had a job in Nigeria and he was going there for 3 months.a month ago he asked me for $300 to help him get materials out from customs.then last week he asked me for $500 to help him pay for his hotel fees now he's telling me that he needs a thousand dollars for bta fees to help him get home. he said he wants to come here in to meet is getting expensive.
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    Classic scam.There is no such thing as BTA or PTA  ( Basic Travel Allowance or Personal Travel Allowance) Do not send any more money to this person.
    Please read this thread and scroll down to the last two posts from DontScamMe and Anya K.
  • Thank you. Alethia i appreciate you. I will send no more money. ITo him I do not understand how people can do this. This is so mean for people to do this to someone to play with someones heart for money.
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    I believe i was scammed by a guy named Williams Martinez who friended me on facebook 2 months ago. He started by writing love messages and emails, he claimed a business man living in Liverpool, England. He pretended be widow, with a decent past,decent education at Oxford University. He said he is 45 years old but i suspected him not telling the truth because in the pictures who he has sent to me, he looked more younger. His letters was so convincing, he seemed such sincere and honest. He asked me information about me and my family, he said that he want marry me and he will come to visit me soon. After a month he pretended having  to  deal a contract in South Africa, a big one, he said he took a loan from the bank to achieve this deal. Few days later, he has wrote to me and he said he must travel in Nigeria for a meeting with the people contract. It is the moment when i started to suspect him. One day, he called me - i must say he called me always from different numbers- and he told he need money as soon as possible to pay  a supplementary taxes  to the nigerian custom to clear the cars which he is have deal. He seems desperate, i believe him and i send him money. Deep inside, i knew something is wrong but i wanted to help him. After few days he asked more money to pay his bills at the hotel, saying he is out of cash. At this moment i started to doubting even more and i searched his pictures on Google images. I was shocked to discover that the pictures belong to someone else, a man from Brasil. When i have told him i know the truth, he recognized the lies but he invented another unlikely story about his daughter who was very ill and needed an urgent surgery.  I don't believe any word but i keep in touch with him hoping i can recover my money. I know that is  improbable...     So, i decided to make public his name(probably fake) and his email address. If someone was in contact with this scammer or passed through to same  story, i wish to contact me soon as possible. 
    His email address is : [email protected]   (by the way, i tried to search the identity of the person who has this email account and i found out another name, a person who lives in US).  WARNING !!!
  • I would just like to say ladies don't be silly when dating internationally!!! I have met and married a wonderful man from Abuja Nigeria we met several times but before that i talked to his friends and family he sent me pictures of his ID he never asked me for money as he is to proud.. If you know alot about them and their culture those RED FLAGS are easy to see!!! He is very sweet talking but i did my homework before just falling for words over a computer.Early on i got many pictures of him his family letters and trips over a period of 2 years hes a hard working man!! So please do not put this label on them all!!
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    Sorry to say smooboo but you are in the minority, also you dont say where you live ( I am sure its not Nigeria) don't be so smug, you r husband may not have his permanent stay or citizenship yet so you may still be used

    Those who send money to on line people they have never met, are foolish and must have more money than sense.

    Smooboo your comment  ......"  If you know alot about them and their culture those RED FLAGS are easy to see!!! ......."  is ridiculous how can you know these peoples culture when they are pretending to be someone else. and you don't know where they are from !

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    Guys I know a lot of you have been scammed but...don't go onto forums if you want to find out if BTA is real or not.....go to the official Nigeria site lol BTA IS NOT REAL IGNORE ANYONE WHO SAYS IT IS.
  • @kirox you are talking nonsense. Forums are the best places to find out what scammers are up to. The link you gave from the US Embassy in Nigeria does not mention PTA's and is therefore not all encompassing and is not an "official" authority on scammers
  • Okay sorry that well makes sense I guess in the case of scamming but THIS is the site that I meant to show It proves there is none.
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    Also guys if you meet any of these two people or emails, They are SCAMMERS- Kate/Katherine also goes on Be2 naming her/himself Florence- [email protected] and also on Be2 Sandra, Sandra Bola Williams- [email protected] "Sandra" will also use photos of Raven Riley(If you encounter anyone using ANY MODELS photos including Raven Riley's then block them because no model is looking for partners.) Block these as soon as you can and be careful guys and girls.
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