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Stop-over in Bahrain - what to see and do in Manama?

edited September 2009 in Middle East
I have a stop-over in Bahrain next month and wonder if there is much for me to see and do in Manama? Is the airport close to the city, and is there any transport available from the terminal? I would like to rent a car and do a bit of sightseeing if it's at all possible, although I’m also open to a good tour. I have about 24 hours to kill and want to make the most of the experience. What are the best places to eat and shop? Anything amazing I shouldn’t miss seeing while in Manama?


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    Everything is available and close Pet .You will enjoy your stay in Manama I.m sure.All taxis are available everywhere in the airport and you can rent a car from there too .
    In Ramadan Month ,all restaurants are close during the day time because Moslems here are fasting this month .
    Any way when you get here you can call me on my mobile : +973 39870368 .I can be of great help as a guide during your stay in Bahrain .
    Bahrain is only 722 km2 and population is nearly one million .Weather began to be nice these days .I am sure you will enjoy your stay .
    Good luck
    Ebrahim Assal
    + 973 39870368
    [email protected]
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    For ideas of thing to see and do in Manama, see our compact guide to the city here:
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    Mr Ebrahim Assal is a very well known academic and translator on-line .I got to know you eight years ago with international conference and debates among many colleagues and translators as well as paper editors worldwide .
    I got to know you @ GCSS London with Dr Alhassan
    Keth Kenedy
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