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Schengen Visa Rejected 3 times - Visiting Girlfriend

My visa to visit Portugal got rejected 3 times. All those 3 times i mentioned that i am visiting my girlfriend who i met online.
all 3 times the rejection reasons were the same. number 8 and 9.

8. the information submitted regarding the justification for the purpose and conditions of the intended stay was not reliable.
9. your intention to leave the territory of the member states before the expiry of the visa could not be ascertained.

i Provided relationship proof. invitation letter from her, her passport, invitation letter from her parents and proof of her living address. summary of our skype, facebook and other conversations and screenshots of our video chats since the beginning. (2015 November) - she or her family was not sponsoring me.

as ties to sri lanka,
i was a full time employee in a digital marketing agency. (still i am) so i provided appointment letters, promotion letters, salary slips, EPF/ ETF proof, no objection letter, leave letter including my salary confirmation. and since some of the company transactions happened through my bank account, i also included detailed breakdown of them and got certified by the accounting firm that handles our accounts.

included the fixed deposit certificate
included the vehicle ownership certificate of the vehicle i own.
credit card limit confirmation letter
and also mentioned my parents depends on me since my brother is studying in australia(to verify that i included his visa details and his passport too )
as extra i also included my parent's assets with valuation.
idk what else i could possibly provide.

My question is,
I am hoping to apply again in end of April. will it be an issue if i apply as a tourist without mentioning my girl friend? also please let me know what more documents i should include.

Thank You


  • @Alethia for some reason last discussion got removed. Could you please continue here.
  • @saigonosenpai
    I apologise for deleting the last post, we were being hit by spammers and I accidently deleted my answer to you.

    My response was that Schengen immigration officers think you will remain in the Schengen zone at the end of your trip. They are very wary of single men from poor countries entering Europe. This is not just because of your girlfriend it is a stance they take all the time.

    Try by all means on your own but you need to show very strong ties to Sri Lanka that makes your return essential

    The Schengen Zone share VIS intelligence. The visa information service holds information on all applicants and their visa history. Good Luck
  • What more strong ties could be convincing than everything he has mentioned here. Please any idea? Thanks
  • Hi everyone,

    I am @saigonosenpai 's girlfriend.
    @Alethia I agree with you that Schengen immigration officers think he will remain in the Schengen zone after the end of the trip, but i think partially it's because of me. A girlfriend in Europe that he never met..probably they think it's weird, or they think he is coming to stay with me. He applied to visit me the last 3 times, always got more proof each time, still got rejected. Last time he even sent an appeal, but only got a letter to inform that they received his appeal, and after that he didn't get anything else. You think he should still apply to visit me, and include more proof (he will get a letter saying that he will receive 1% of a company in Sri Lanka in a vested period. He will consult that company as a digital marketer for that period, is that helpful?) or should he apply as a tourist only and not mention me this time, and still add more ties to his home country?
    You think it's helpful if he books a travel package, buys an event ticket for a conference, a concert or a music festival, to show that he has a purpose of coming here?

    Thank you so much for your help,
  • edited March 6
    I have explained clearly to @saigonosenpai
    That it is very difficult for young men from poor countries to be granted visas to Europe. UK USA Ireland etc It is not just because he is visiting you. Married couples have the same difficulty.

    He has now been refused 3 times and his immigration history is on the Visa Information Services shared by all Schengen states.

    You obviously have your reasons but it is usually the partner who visits the person in the poorer country.

    Maybe a tour on a travel package may help, however his 3 refusals may go against him.

    Good luck and best wishes
  • Hi again @Alethia
    So, he decided to come to Portugal to do a language course in a university. Course will be from October, 2018 to June, 2019, divided in 2 semesters (4 months each). He already applied for the 1st semester, and they will send the acceptance letter for visa purpose. As they told, he can request visa for 1st semester, and when he is here he can extend it for the 2nd semester, is that right? He has enough money, and his father is going to sponsor him, so i think won't be any issue this time.
    Do you think they still can reject his visa request because of the past rejections, or because it's a language course?
    I am trying to search for this kind of visa from Sri Lanka to Portugal, but i am getting confused because there is no embassy of Portugal in Sri Lanka, so for visit/tourist visa he had to apply at the embassy of France in Colombo. But for student visa i can't find much information.
    We want to be sure about all the information, all the documents needed, and if there are big chances of getting rejected again, because he has to pay for the 1st semester before getting the acceptance letter, and the payment is not refundable.

    Thank you so much for everything,

  • Put yourself in the shoes of the Schengen official. Is it rational to suddenly believe that a language course magically changes everything and that it's not simply being used as a means to get around the 3 previous refusals?

    Good luck.

  • As i understood, and Alethia said, they didn't believe he was leaving the schengen zone at the end of the trip. Insufficient ties to home country was the reason why his visit visa got rejected.
    Now he is coming to do a language course, he is paying for it, he will have an acceptance/invitation letter from the university, enough money. As i read, ties to home country is not one of the requirements for student visa.
    I know a language course won't change the previous refusals, but if he has all the requirements, he has the right to apply for a different kind of visa, right?
  • He can apply for anything he likes.

    Good luck.

  • @Canuka
    Ties to a home country are required for all Schengen visas.
    If you two want to meet, why dont you go to Sri Lanka its a beautiful country why is @saigonosenpai so desperate to go to Portugal?
    If this desperation to go to Portugal comes across to me it will come across to the Schengen caseworker.
    @CheersTerry is correct a language course does not magically make everything right after 3 refusals.
    Good luck.
  • Yeah, I don't get the Sri Lanka thing either. It's by far the easiest country to visit in the Indian Subcontinent, why in the world you wouldn't want to meet your internet boyfriend face-to-face in his own country before trying to bring him to Europe is beyond me.

    Who knows the reasoning in these situations.

  • edited March 19
    I already suggested that to her. There's a clear reason why she can't come.
    she is still living with her parents and would you send your daughter to another country to meet her internet lover for the first time? she is trying to avoid problems with her parents so i have to respect it.
    desperation is to see her not to stay in the country. i chose a visa consultant when i applied for the first time since i wasn't experienced. listened to them because they are the experts and it was the right thing to do when everyone else said not to mention her in the application. (mentioning that i am visiting my girlfriend in the application). worst decision of my life. there's no justice in the world for the truth.

    We came here seeking information about visa not to be judged. i have gone through enough of that bs over these years. we are stuck in our lives because of this while you guys are trying to be keyboard warriors.

    Thanks but no thanks.
  • @ saigonosenpai
    We are not judging you neither are Terry and I keyboard warriors. I am a highly experienced immigration and human rights lawyer and I give me time pro bono to this site. Terry is also professional and both of us are extremely well travelled.

    I do not know your girlfriends age but she is being ridiculous thousands of young women go abroad on holiday and meet their boyfriends. Its 2018 not 1958. Your girlfriend could bring her mother, or a girlfriend and stay in a hotel. Yes I would let my daughter travel abroad because I did myself from the age of 18.

    I told you from the begining, you have NOT been refused because you told the truth and mentioned your girlfriend. You were refused because your a single young man from a poor country with no strng ties to your country. You have no evidence that you were refused because you were visting your girlfriend.

    Everything @CheersTerry and I have written and advised has been given in good faith.

  • "... i have gone through enough of that bs over these years. we are stuck in our lives because of this while you guys are trying to be keyboard warriors..."

    Wow. I understand you're frustrated but I can't generate much sympathy for you when, 1.) You refuse to listen to rational, accurate advice and 2.) You act like a dick.


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