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Best places for beer and chocolate in Belgium?

We are visiting Belgium shortly on holiday and would like to know the best places for traditional Belgian beer (for me) and chocolate (for the wife). Will we find good places in Brussels or will we need to travel further afield for the good stuff? I am really interested in Trappist monk beer as this is the best beer in the world. I want to taste and buy quite a few different types, Are there any special tour companies that cater to beer tours? Any monasteries or breweries that are must-see, must-taste places? Thanks.


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    You cannot take a turn around a corner in Belgium without coming across places that sell really good Chocolate; now to the more important matter - beer. Its quite common to go into a bar in Belgium and they have 2, 3 or 400 different beers available. My favourite city to visit in Belgium is Ghent; I take my beer quite seriously and have never been dissapointed; equally the city is beautiful
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    Recently I've visited Brussels and actually being beer lover, I couldn't resist to walk around the city and try the Belgian beer. On the Rue la Fourche" there's a beer store which immediately caught my attention by a huge beer bottle sign! The store itself was quite good, great variety of beer, mainly Belgian, but I didn't need anything else. Seems the owner has collected the beer from every corner of Belgium :)))) I was very happy with the store, their service and which is more importaint - those marvellous beers I bought there.
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    Belgium is a beer-lovers paradise. There are dozens of breweries and most offer tours. The Trappist monasteries are an exception however. They don't allow tourists in. You can only admire them from the outside. If it is Trappist beer you want, you can stay in Brussels. They sell it in many bars and beer shops.
    I found a list of Belgian beer breweries that do tours, most of the brands I know are there, so it should be a good start Belgium Beer Brewery Tours
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    Brugge is the place to go for both of them, if you like a smaller and clean town you will like it!
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