Croatia currency - Euros, debit cards or travellers checks

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I am traveling to Croatia from the U.S. and would like to know the best way to bring travel funds. Is the euro accepted? Is a travel funds visa debit card easy to use? or is travelers checks more convenient and cheaper?


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    Many places accept Euro, otherwise you can easily exchange it at any bank. Debit cards from North America also work fine. I would suggest those two solutions.

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    Yes, Euro is widely accepted in Croatia. You can also use cards in ATMs there or exchange into local currency in numerous exchange offices and banks. You can also use travellers checks
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    Basically you can use Euros which you need to change into Croatian money (kuna). That can easily be done in any of numerous exchange offices or banks. In some restaurants and shops they even take Euros but exchange rate in that case is usually not in your favor ;). You can also pay with main credit cards, or you can take money with them from ATMs. Exchange rate for Croatian kuna is approximately 1 Euros is 7.3 kunas.

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    Hi, I will be travelling to Croatia from Australia and was wondering if I can use a travel card?

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    am going to Croatia next week from New Zealand, what is the can i go with my atm here or euro travelers checks will be okay for me ?.
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    Hi all,
    Croatia is pretty well organised with things like currency exchange; have a look at this basic guide to handling money and currency in our Croatia Travel Guide.
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    Local shops, restaurants, cafes, etc. usually prefer the local currency, kuna. Larger purchases, such as accommodation, will accept euros. There are lots of ATMs for cash and banks in most towns. There are also currency exchanges in most ports and larger towns. As Ella says, Croatia is very well organized for exchanging money and payments. The best rates are at the banks or Post Offices.

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