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Aupair Visa

edited March 6 in - East Africa
I'm Lilian from Kenya. I have been interested in becoming an aupair in Europe more so Portugal to learn some new international cultures. I applied for a Schengen visa and i didn't succeed. Can a Kenyan get an aupair Visa to Portugal and if not what should I do please?
Thank you


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    You cannot just apply for a Schengen visa to be an au pair on your own.
    The best way is to apply through an au pair agency who find a suitable family and help you apply for a visa.
    However, I am certain that African girls I mean from any country in Africa (except South Africa) are not eligible for an au pair visa.
    Au pairs are usually from Europe Australia New Zealand Brazil Panama USA South Africa China Israel . Good luck you can but try
  • Alright. Thank you Alethia. If you come across any other way to go about please let me know.
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