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Marriage between Egyptian and a Filipino

This discussion was created from comments split from: Transportation options in China?.


  • Hi im faye,im 30years old filipina woman,i have an egyptian man whom i met in qatar,we became lovers.. We sometimes fight but still comeback with each other.. He is not a rich man,and im not rich a woman too,we were inlove for 4years LDR we can like that,he was now in egypt and im in philippines,.. Can anyone give some advice to us we want to get married but i dont want him to come to my country for him not to spend money in getting visa from my embassy.. I want him to save the money for us to start a living when i come..a friend told a lawyer in egypt and a lawyer in my country can do the marriage papers for through Special Power of Attorney, i want to know if this possible?..
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    Who ever told you this is a fool. There is no such type of legal marriage.It would not be recognised anywhere.

    Marriage in the Phillipines is only legally recognised if both the bride and groom are physically present.You should know this .

    It is the same in Egypt marriage between an Egyptian and a foreigner must take place with both present at the civil marriage office.
  • Hi i'm alex 25 yrs old i have a egyptian bf and he came to the philippines this coming july and i marry i him its possible we go egypt together? What papers we need? Please i need your help thank you
  • @tarekalex
    You can travel to Egypt with your husband

    You will need :-
    1. Correctly completed visa application form.
    2. Two passport photos.
    3. Your passport
    4. A copy of your Egyptian husband's passport.
    5. A written letter from your husband supporting your visa application.
    6.The original marriage contract.
    You will need two copies of each document

    The application should be submitted to the Egyptian Embassy in Manila, your husband should go with you if possible. It will help you.

    Egyptian Embassy in Manila, Philippines. 7th Floor, Gervasia Corporate Centre. 152, Amorsolo Street. Legaspi Village. Makati City. Manila.
    (+63) 2 843 9220. (+63) 2 843 9232.
    (+63) 2 556 5731.
    [email protected]
  • @Alethia thank you for the info but i ask again one thing they will not denied my visa? Because i'm scared maybe it will happen..
  • @tarekalex
    I see lots of silly posts like yours. If you have all the correct documents and your husband goes with you. It is highly unlikely your visa will be refused.
  • @Alethia i ask only what papers need of my egyptian fiance to we get married in the philippines? I want to know please thank you
  • @tarekalex
    The marriage license is the most important legal document in the Phillipines

    To apply for the license, you and your fiance must go to the local civil registrar of the city, town or municipality where you live in the Phillipines. The marriage license is usually released 2 weeks (10 working days) after you apply for it.

    Once issued, the marriage license can be used wherever you want to get married in the Philippines. The license is only valid for 120 days.

    1.Your require your Filipino birth certificate

    2.Your fiance requires his original birth certificate and a translated copy in English

    3.Certificate of Attendance to a wedding seminar. Couples are required to attend pre-marriage counseling and family planning seminar. These are usually given in the city hall and are required before you can claim your marriage license. Check your municipality for the complete list of schedules.

    4. 1 passport photo each.

    5. Community tax certificates (CEDULA) for you

    6. Certificate of Legal Capacity issued by the consular office/embassy of your fiance's country, Egypt This document states your fiance is free to marry you, this should be in English

    You both need your passports plus a photocopy of your fiance's Egyptian passport (showing the date of arrival and biodata in the Phillipines).

    As a Filipino citizen you should know how to find out about all of these things
  • @Alethia how are you? i ask only my egyptian fiance he will go to philippines he need visa to go philippines? I wanna know please help me thank you..
  • @tarekalex
    If you want to be legally married your husband needs to be with you in the Phillipines.

    There are silly people who will tell you your husband does not need to go to the Phillipines to marry he can make a proxy marriage. A proxy wedding or (proxy marriage) is a wedding in which one or both of the individuals being married are not physically present, often being represented instead by other persons.

    Marriage by proxy is not allowed in the Philippines. Under the law of the Family Code of the Philippines. Pursuant to Article 2 both the bride and the groom must be present in the Phillipines at the time of the marriage.

    Whatever made you ask this question.
  • @Alethia no my fiance is coming to the philippines i ask only if he need visa to go philippines? Because he want to know
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    Yes he does need a visa here is the website for the Phillipines Embassy in Cairo. If you could show evidence that he will marry you that can help him to get the visa.

    All the best
  • What papers he need? May i know what the papers he need?
  • Read the link that Alethia gave you! It lists all the necessary documents.

  • @tarekalex
    Stop acting so helpless you just open the link to the Phillipines embassy in my last post. You will see it gives a list of the documents your fiance must apply for a visit visa
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