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Marriage between Egyptian and a Filipino

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  • Hi im faye,im 30years old filipina woman,i have an egyptian man whom i met in qatar,we became lovers.. We sometimes fight but still comeback with each other.. He is not a rich man,and im not rich a woman too,we were inlove for 4years LDR we can like that,he was now in egypt and im in philippines,.. Can anyone give some advice to us we want to get married but i dont want him to come to my country for him not to spend money in getting visa from my embassy.. I want him to save the money for us to start a living when i come..a friend told a lawyer in egypt and a lawyer in my country can do the marriage papers for through Special Power of Attorney, i want to know if this possible?..
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    Who ever told you this is a fool. There is no such type of legal marriage.It would not be recognised anywhere.

    Marriage in the Phillipines is only legally recognised if both the bride and groom are physically present.You should know this .

    It is the same in Egypt marriage between an Egyptian and a foreigner must take place with both present at the civil marriage office.
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