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Requirements for marriage in Tunisia

Hi I’m a Filipino resident and widowed from Denmark would like to know the papers we needed for marriage in Tunisia my boyfriend is from Tunisia a younger than me any advised would be greatful appreciate. Thank you


  • @corazon
    It is not clear from your post if you are a Danish citizen or you have permanent residence.

    To marry in Tunisia you will require the following:
    1.Your passport
    2 Your full birth certificate issued no more than 21 days before the marriage
    3. A document from the Philipines authorities stating you are free to marry. This document can be obtained from the Philipines Embassy in either Denmark or Tunisia.
    4.If you have been married before, the original death or divorce certificate.
    All these documents must be translated into French ir Arabic

    Once in Tunisia you must both go for blood tests at any Tunisian hospital.

    I do not know how big the age difference is but I must tell you that these marriages have a very high divorce rate. As a lawyer I can speak from experience of what I have seen.
    All the best.
  • Hi thanks for replying
    I’m permanent residence in Denmark our age gap is 30 would there be possible and what my boyfriends requirements ? Thanks
  • @corazon
    Apart from his passport and birth certificate you boyfriend does not need to meet any requirements.
    You have to supply everything to meet Danish law.
    Please do not be taken in by this young man. Children are important and once he has his residence he will leave you and marry a younger woman.
  • edited March 7
    Sorry to be blunt, but there is no way that a young guy from Tunisia who is 30 years younger than you will stick around. He'll bolt the second the paperwork is approved. Sorry, but that's the way it is. I really hope you haven't been giving him money too.

    I truly wish you the best. You're going to need it.

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