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Please help me divorce my Tunisian wife

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I’m hoping someone can help or at least point me in the right direction, so I can end the Hell I’m going through!! I will try to summerize the best I can,

I’m Britsh man living in the UK, who married a Tunsiain women in Tunisia 5 years ago, but she resides in the US as she has American nationality, we have never lived together and niether of us have registered there marriages in
The US or the UK. When we first got married I did apply for her marriage visa in the UK which got declined due not enough yearly earning on my part. But since then she has decided that she does not like the UK and will not move here.
Consquaenlty I found out recently that she has been married before (maybe multiple times) and has a long criminal record, since me finding out her past she turned very ugly and she has been very threatening and asking for money, she has been emailing all my family, friends and work colleagues with fabricated stoires about me and is threatening to send intiate photos and emails if I don’t send her money, ( she is asking for more than I make) Its like she is a totally different person, I have consulted with a UK lawyer he has stated that any divorce I do in the UK will not be inforcable as she is not british and we have never lived togther. Adding to the complication we have two girls who she will not let me see which on its own devasting me. As I will have to go to the US to see my daughters she has threnetened she will call the police on me and say I have done something unthinkable to them.
I would be treuly greatful if someone can shed some light?



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    Tunisian weddings are legally recognised in the UK , USA, Europe, Australia etc etc consequently Tunisian marriage do NOT have to be registered. Even though your application was refused UK visas and immigration accepted your marriage was legal.

    The British lawyer you spoke to is an idiot who does not know what he is talking about.
    You can divorce in the UK, your wife does not need to be British and not living together (non cohabitation) is definitely grounds for divorce. I should know I have been instructed on dozens of divorces like yours. Where one spouse is British the other foreign and they married abroad.

    What I find strange, is that you have never lived together but have two children and if your wife has such a colourful background, how do you know these children are yours. You need DNA tests. you would be a fool to go to the USA to see these children and tell this woman you were arriving.

    As for sending money just ignore it. You owe her nothing and you have no evidence these are your children. She cannot enforce any order for British child maintenance as she is in the USA

    I also find it incredible that your wife has access to your family, work colleagues and friends emails when they do not know her and never met her as you never lived together. Do these you or the people not know how to use the BLOCK facility.

    You need to be free of this woman so go and get divorced. I can suggest a good law firm who can assist you.

  • Dear Alethia

    Thank you for taking your time to reply to my issue and clarifying a few points!

    Yes its true we never lived together, but I did visit her in the US and we did vacation together, and yes its true
    the kids could not be mine but until I know for sure I have to support them, as she has never worked as far as I know and has no means of support.

    I have asked for divorce many times, she keeps saying we can only get divorced in Tunisia, then she does a complete u turn and says she wants divorce in the US. Does she have a legal case from the US?

    well my family met her in the beginning as they came to the wedding, but she was very cleaver, I have learned that she stole information from my phone, I'm not worried about friends and family but concerned she will share information with my clients as that will hurt my work and ofcourse the embarrassment is extra. Is there any way I can stop her from doing this?

    it seems like she had planned this from a long time back, and there seems nothing I can do from her destroying my life, I'm over 80K in debit because of her and she wants more.

    the problem is I cant even go to the US as all she needs to do is call the police and make up a story and get me arrested which she already has threatened me she will do!

    The UK lawyer said to me that I can get divorced to her in the UK but it will not have any standing in the US and
    UK agreement will not mean anything, that is my understanding!

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    Of course a UK divorce is recognised in the USA your soliciter needs to go back to law school.
    A divorce decree issued in a foreign country is recognised in each state in the USA on the basis of comity (Hilton v. Guyot, 159 U.S. 113, 163-64 (1895),
    Marriage and divorce are generally considered matters reserved to each state rather than to the federal government of the USA
    Your divorce would be recognised but having court orders enforced would be difficult.
    In the same way a US divorce is recognied in the UK but court orders cant be enforced.

    Holidays and visits count as living together . You have not lived together 24/ 7 in the same home but there are lots of people who are married but do not live in the same house.

    You need to stop allowing this woman to rule your life it is ridiculous. I f she did send photos so what ? Instead of say yes to her try saying no. You are letting her ruin your life by not taking effective actions

    Either seek financial help with your debts via an IVA
    decare yourself bankrupt

    Step Change is a debt charity who give FREE advice they are very good, give them a call they can help you.

    As for the sexting, that is sending a lewd message/text/email to a person without their permission can in the USA either result in misdemeanor or more serious felony charges. It is also illegal in the UK and is an arrestable offence especially when it is used to harrass someone.
    You need to tell you her its a crime and say you will report her to the local police department where she lives or the UK police will contact them if she commits to sending these messages. Also if she were to send intimate photos yes it would be embarrassing but they can see you did not send it. Photo shopping or photo manipulation is rife I would deny any knowledge of the photos. Do you think people will say "Hi Help76, someone just sent a photo of you doing the bedroom bossa nova in the nude" You must be nuts if you do.

    Your wife has never worked and has no means of support. WAKE UP !!!
    Your wife chose to live in the USA for a reason, that means she has some form of support.
    To become a US citizen she has to have married a US citizen or her family bought her to the USA or she won the Green Card Lottery. There are other routes but these are the most common. This means she knows people in the USA and she can claim benefits from the US government. I am at a loss to understand your naivety.

    As for the children your thinking is totally skewed. You dont pay maintenance until you know they are yours. You are not liable to pay her any maintenance. There is no automatic entitlement to spousal maintenance on divorce and your ex wife would be be expected to maximise her earning capacity ie get a job !! This will not even come into your divorce as she lives in the USA by her own choosing.

    Your children are so young they probably dont even know you, they probably have a new Daddy or different Uncles.

    Take my advice and get a grip, man up and stop allowing this woman to dominate you.
  • @Alethia please if possible can we talk through private messages, appreciate ur help

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