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Spanish classes in Buenos Aires for English-speaking travellers

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I'm going to be staying in Buenos Aires for a few months and I'm eager to learn a bit of Spanish while I'm there. Are English lessons hard to come by and are they quite expensive?
I don't even know where to start - is there a school, evening classes I can attend or is it best to find someone privately? Does anyone know of any schools, teachers, organisations in Buenos Aires I can get in contact with?


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    I recommend LV Studio in Palermo. You can email them at [email protected] Great teachers and staff, low prices (it's less than $300 US per MONTH so definitely cheaper than other places), GREAT social events (add LVstudio Palermo on facebook to find out about events, I met pretty much all of my close friends through LV), and there is a free conversation class every Wednesday. Definitely the best Spanish school I found during my 2 years here in Buenos Aires.

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    I just wanted to second the Expanish recommendation! I spent 4 weeks in BA this past January and took both individual and group classes...there seemed to be people with varying levels of Spanish at the school, but I never once felt out of place in the classes I was put into. The teachers were really wonderful- enthusiastic, encouraging, and also really helpful with recommendations and suggestions about where to go and what to do in the city. Its a great way to spend a little time in BA, because you're improving your Spanish in the morning and then you have the afternoon to explore, take advantage of the excursions and activities offered through Expanish, etc.

    The site, again :)

    Overall, it was great. I'm jealous you are just beginning your BA adventure! Enjoyy!
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    Polo lessons were a great experience in Argentina. Juan is a patient instructor who teaches the ins and outs of polo. The BA SPORTS & TOURS staff is very friendly. Lots of fun!! The horses were really good! Tuition was excellent!! And the lunch brilliant!! I highly recommend this service...!
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    I had a very nasty experience with expanish . The sales rep, Michelle, was a pretty 'full-on' sales type of operator. She was very keen to sell me on the full eight week deal and advised that a one week introduction was a waste of time. Trusting her advice, I booked for two weeks with a view to see how things proceeded. She also said I should start immediatly because a weekly class had just started. After a hurried sign off of the form (small print in Spanish) and payement in USD only I was seated into a class that was already half way through. The lecturer spoke, only in Spanish and adhoc sign language. I seriously had no idea what she was saying. The other students were also pulling WTF type faces at each other.

    I apologized to the lecturer and explained that I was having difficulty catching up with the lesson. She snapped at me and said that I would just have to take a another lesson another time. I was angered and embarrassed to say the least. I then informed the administrators that I would prefer to cancel my lessons because I was so humiliated by the treatment and needed to start from scratch. They also informed me that some lecturers do speak english and some don't.

    I offered to pay a $50 USD penalty for the hour that I was there. The sales ladiy's response was aggressive and sharp.She promptly informed that that they do not give refunds. She informed me that when I signed the personal information form, (that's what it was titled), I had also signed and agreed to their terms and conditions which are posted on their web site. The only option given to me was that I could do some private lessons for equal value or simply lose my $300 US. In other words, too bad, we have your money and there's nothing you can do about it.

    After a very heated argument they finally agreed to refund half my money. The hostel that I am staying since told me that Expanish has a reputation of high pressure sales and that they would have advised mt to use a different company.

    I went in there trusting good reports from forums and ended up letting my guard down when it came to making an assessment. They even had a Lonely Planet logo in their brochure and guess what? When I got back to my dorm, I checked the Lonely Planet guide and Expanish isn't even listed.

    Based on this incident, my advice is to tread very carefully when dealing with the sales representative at Expanish or any english teaching business in BA. Do not let them pressure you into a rushed decision or book more lessons than you originally wanted in the first place. Make sure that they give you a print-out of the terms and conditions (in English). Be sure to make sure that the lecturer assigned to your class actually speaks English rather than pigeon English and sign language - perhaps ask to meet the lecturer.

    Remember that the English lesson market is very competitive Buenos Aires.

    Hope this advice proves useful in some way.
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    Once in BA, VISIT ALL SCHOOLS and then decide!
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    I moved to Buenos Aires with a basic knowledge of Spanish, but I was looking to break away from my textbook and practice outside of the classroom. Some "real world" practice, shall I say. I considered a bunch of different conversation events hosted in Buenos Aires, but found one that is FREE on Wednesday's at 3:30 in Palermo!! Perfect time, perfect location, and for just $0, the price was right! There is a good mix of locals, expats, and travelers so it is a great way to new people and practice the language of your choice; either English or Spanish. They also offer group Spanish classes at a very reasonable price, which are geared towards a Argentine cultural immersion so you learn the Argentine slang and dialect (which is VERY important since it is nothing like textbook Spanish). They can also arrange for home stay and hostel accommodations, if you need them! For more information, contact them at [email protected] or check out their blog at
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    I've studied Spanish in Buenos Aires and the best advice I can give is DON'T GO TO EXPANISH OR ECELA. They're horrible people that don't give a [redacted] about you the minute after you pay. Try to go to a smaller school, they're cozier and as they don't have a million students per hour, they care about the students being happy. I recommend *El Pasaje Spanish*; it's a small school, with really cool teachers and tailor made classes. Buenos Aires is a great city, you'll love it!
  • I studied for 3 months at LV studio in palermo. Its a small school and has the community like feel to it. the events they have every weekend plus usually a wine tasting event once a month make for great practice and great way to meet people. the teachers are great and balance conversation and grammar well. They also switch every week or two and this is great because it gave me a variety of Argentines to learn from. Also the conversations in class were always entertaining. i recommend this school definately!

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    I do not remember the school I attended offering evening classes, but they were very flexible with their tutoring hours. The classes at Ailola Buenos Aires were in the morning and then the instructors were available for tutoring in the afternoons and evenings.

    I am not sure where you are from, but ABA is easy to contact since they have local numbers for USA and UK students. 

  • I loved the small classes at Ibero Spanish School
    I´ve been to 4 schools from BA so far and had the best experience at Ibero. It is by far the best. Books are published and the teachers are great and they all know what they are doing. Gracias, Ibero! :)
  • I spent 6 weeks at Ibero Spanish School in downtown Buenos Aires, and I would recommend this school to anyone. There are lots of schools to choose from in Buenos Aires and of course they all cater to different segments of the Spanish student/backpacker market. Ibero Spanish is well organized, with university trained instructors (my teacher Florencia had a Master’s degree), and structured curriculum
  • An amazing TEFL course and great Spanish classes in Buenos Aires Overall the best school in Argentina. Professional and friendly
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