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What Options Should We Select we are looking to exercise treaty rights

Hey there , my wife is from Poland but right now she is with me in Pakistan and we both are looking forward to exercise our right to free movement so we decided to apply for Belgium embassy but while filling form Belgium schengen form

visa type c 90 DAYS , but we are stucked in point 21 main purpose of journey

options are available , what option should we select ?

. adoption
. board the ship
. commercial ( with invitation)
. commercial event trade fair
. confederence
. cultural artisitc
. family reunion LUX and eu national
. family visit
. humanitarian
. medical
. official politcial
. private inviation
. religious activity
. professioanl
. research
. return annex 35
. return cire/ci lost <3 months
. sporting
. tourism
. trainee
. transit
. visa for cohabition
. visa with a view to marriage

i thought it will be OTHERS, so we select others options and write family member of EU national but Belgium embassy dont have such option what should we do ?

@Alethia please if you suggest us anything


  • @ just put tourism.
  • do we need documents related to tourist visa or we go with directive 2004/38/ec documents only ?
  • @FarazH
    I dont understand what you mean by visa documents and Directive2004/38/EC
    You still need to show you have sufficient funds and when you and how you will travel where you will stay.
    Directive2004/38/EC allows for the following:-
    No-cost, easy, fast issue of visa

    Easy right to stay for up to 90 days if so desired.

    Applications can only be turned down in three limited circumstances (public health, public policy, national security), or when a marriage is determined to be fraudulent. Reasons for refusal must be spelled out in detail and there is a right of appeal.

    EU citizens and their non-EU family members can not legally be treated differently than citizens of their EU host country
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