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Being stamp 46( / ) in passport

Thx before, i just want to ask .
I’m overstay in south korea for 3 month and i’m being catch for use a illegal car and being notice that i’m not a korean cityzen ..and being depart from korea ..but in jail police 1 day then in immigration for 1 week ..please answer my question ..thanks
How long that i’m can comeback to korea again ?


  • @franzsiv
    You will be banned for 5years as you overstayed but you also committed a criminal offence.
  • Is that committed a criminal offence influence if that 5 years pass and then i’m come back again to korea ? I still can go to korea right ? Committed a criminal offence like i do not a big case right ? Thanks for kindly answer my question ..
  • @franzsiv
    You are banned for 5 year this is the law in Korea. It will be up to the korean immigratiom as to wether you can retirm or not.
  • Ok thanks for the answer ..have a good day
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