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a GOOD guidebook for a shoestring backpacker with a keen sense of adventure

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Hi looking for a good guide book for india & surrounding regions, nepal, bangladesh, Srilanka...


is there a good book out there for these regions & should i buy 1 for each just wing it? i know i need 1 for india but not sure bout the rest?

Rough Guide or Lonely Planet??? pls help if u have advice

PS. i will only do the mainly northern india from chennai north to bangladesh then fly out of mumbai but my main focus is NORTH :)



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    I find Lonely Planet is the best, it gives decent information and most of the time it is accurate. However Lonely Planet is by no means perfect but does cover the basics well. Rough guide and Footsteps I have found not to be very useful at all, sometimes I wonder if they have even visited the place at all.

    I have travelled with guide books and without, to be honest I prefer travelling without because otherwise can spend too long with your head in a book opposed to actually seeing stuff. The best source of information is from other travellers.

    If this is your first trip, or you are nervous then definatley take a guide book ~ I f you are confident and know what you are doing, then just go for it.
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