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Suggestions for visa refusal appeals

Hi Alethia and other respected members I need your suggestions,my schengen visa got rejected by Hungarian embassy in Islamabad,the reason was only one
2)The information submitted regarding the justification for the purpose and condition of the intended stay was not reliable. I have provided every single relevant documents e,g
Bank statement more than 2 million per
Hotel booking(
Travel insurance and travel plan
Paid bus tickets between Estonia and Lithuania
Kids birth and school certificates
Business proof
Tax returns Tec
I have got right of appeal within 8 calendar days,please suggest what should I do?as I have a travel history for Australia as well and proofs were provided,suggestions would be highly appreciated thanks


  • @smmalikshahid
    I would appeal this refusal write a letter explaining your travel plains and ask for the authorities to consider the appeal
  • Thanks,do I need to present any other documents? The officer ask me you are staying 7 nights in Estonia,6 nights in Lithuania and on the way back 6 nights again in Estonia,why is that?you think is it non reliable Alethia?
  • This was my actual plan to fly in and out from Estonia and travel by bus in between Estonia and Lithuania.Alethia
  • @smmalikshahid
    You cannot submit new doccuments to the appeal.
    Your travel plans sound very strange, how long was your intended trip ?
  • 20 days?alethia
  • If you have to go to 2 different countries I found cheaper to fly in and out from the country,and travel bus in between 2 countries,I did not want to overstayed anyway,if you have any suggestions to write it down in my appeal for justification,It would be highly appreciated.
  • Fly in and out from the main member state I mean.
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