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Marry in tunisia

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Hi my name is Tonya my boyfriend lives in Algeria we want to get married in Tunisia what do we need and I am older then him to I have never been married before I want him to come to America and live if we are married will he be able to get a visa. If he can't if I move to Algeria will I need a visa and he is Muslim but we love each other very much.


  • Please help
  • @tonyasmith
    Please understand that this forum is open 24 hours across different time zones and you may have to wait for an answer.

    You have never met your Algerian, your and older woman sitting on the internet chatting for hours on your computer.

    I hope you have lots of money to travel to Tunisia to marry your Algerian and then hire an attorney in the USA to help you with the long, difficult and expensive journey to obtaining a visa for your partner.

    The Algerian you have met wants to live in the USA. You need to understand that in Algerian culture , Algerian men DO NOT marry older women its the same with all Arab Muslim countries. So you living in Algeria would be impossible, They marry older women to get out of Algeria for a better life in Europe the USA anywhere so long as its not Algeria.

    There is no problem for you to marry in Tunisia. Tunisia does not have religious weddings but a civil ceremony that is recognised internationally.

    You will need the following documents:-

    Both your passports

    Both your original birth certificates no older than 21 days before date of marriage

    Your divorce documents or death certificate of spouse if you have been married before

    You must both have a certificate from your country that states you are single and free to enter into marriage . This can be obtained from the US Embassy in Tunis.

    All these documents should be originals and must be translated into Arabic or French and you can have that done in Tunisia quickly and cheaply.

    You will have blood tests done together here in Tunisia. You make an apppointmentt with the doctor and he will order the tests, you will have the results the same day.
    These results are given to the marriage office with the rest of your documents.

    The male partner must have a letter from the mufti in his local mosque stating that he is a Muslim.
  • @tonyasmith . I have to agree with @Alethia in all that she advises. I live in Tunisia and have for many years, however the lifestyle here in North Avrica is not for the faint hearted. Life can be very difficult especially for young men.....high unemployment and especially in Algeria extremely difficult political situation. Algeria is a tribal country with many 'wars' between them, not to mention the successive dictatorships and more recently terrorism.

    Young men know who to target in order to satisfy their needs for a visa. They are very charming and so seductive they could get the Oscar. Believe me, I have seen and heard it all. It is NOT normal here tk marry an older woman and when they marry an older foreign woman, well everyone knows why. Oh tney will pretend to love you and welcome you to the family but it is all an act!! find someone in hour own country and forget this lothario
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