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Complex passport expiry question from a Sri Lankan in UK

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I am a Sri Lankan citizen living in the UK under the HSMP visa sheme. I just realised my passport expires on the 21st of December. My UK visa expires on the 25th of November(HSMP/Tier 1 general). I checked with the Sri lanka embassy in the UK regards to my situation and they said that it takes 8 to 12 weeks to process my passport application(in order to get a new passport) so I thought that If i travell to sri lanka in the first week of November just for a week to get a new passport will this cause problems at either immigration officers at arrivals and departures specially in the UK? because o my return i will have only around two weeks left before my visa expires? and also when they issue a new passport they cancell my existing passport does that mean my visa will not be valid? Please let me know I would be extremely greatful. thanks a lot..


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    your old visa will still be valid on getting the new passport.. you can use your old visa on the expired passport along with the new passport.. both the passports should be carried.. but it would be tough for you to get the uk visa extended in a short time.. normally the lead time is minimum 1 month (even if you take a personal appointment, date would be at least one month later than the date when you phone to get the appointment)....

    apply for a new passport from here, and also take appointment right now for the tier 1 visa extension on a date of around 20th of november.. that way you might have your new passport by the date of your visa appointment.. cheers..
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