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Proof of subsistance can this be your monthly pay?

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Great forum...great advice! Thank you for creating this useful platform.

My family and I ( husband and 2 kids-one of which is British) are planning to go to France in July from the UK.
We are submitting :
-3 months pay slips for each
-passports( including my daughter's British passport and birth certificate)
- hotel booking fully paid ( bed and breakfast) directly booked with hotel
- return flight ticket fully paid
-3 months bank statements for both my husband and I
-letter explaining itinerary ( we want to take our daughters 7 and 3 to Disneyland)and sight seeing -
We are staying 5 nights.
-Travel insurance
Now the issue is the proof of subsistence, we want to use this month pay to be the proof of subsistence .
Is this going to be a problem?
Our appointment is in early April and we were hoping to print out online statements as soon as we get paid.
Please could you kindly advise, we are quite new to all this and TLS contact are not very forthcoming with their answer.

Thank you for your time
Ps: I'm Senegalese, my husband and my youngest are Gambian( we are all have resident permit in the UK and my eldest is British.)


  • @winner
    Proof of subsistance is your bank statements and pay slips. Does your salary not go directly to your bank account?
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    Hi Alethia,

    First of all thank you so much for answering.
    My salary does go to my bank account .
    I was just asking if I can use a month pay as a balance to show subsistence or they expect you to have savings ( not your salary) - please forgive me if this sounds silly.

    Let's say for example our March's pay we will differ all direct debits (bills) for a later date and print out the bank statement showing the current balance.
    Is it something that we can do?

    We intend to take some of my month salary to cover our expenses there and this should be more than enough ( £60 per day /person).

    Also do we need to pay for the visa fees when traveling with an EU?

    Again thank you
  • Please could someone advise please.
  • @winner I gave you the answer. Stop over thinking this issue its ridiculous. No immigration caseworker will accept one payslip as proof of subsistence
    I told you quite clearly that bank statements and pay slips are required for the 3 months prior to the application.
    If your travelling with an EU citizen you do not pay for the visa.
  • Alethea you misunderstood me . We have the 3 months payslips but does it matter where the money in your account come from?

    As with traveling with EU citizen and no visa fee TLS contact told me today that we have to pay the visa fee because my daughter is a minor and it is only when traveling with ascendant EU citizen family members ( only with France) .

    I thought it was odd but didn't dispute it .

  • @winner
    What relation is the minor child to the EU citizen?
    It does not matter where the money in the account comes from. Unless you have robbed a bank LOL
  • Hahaha no I can assure you this is my hard earned money.
    No the minor is the EU citizen .she is 7 years old.
  • @Alethia
    Does the visa fee applies when travelling with a minor EU child?

    I have researched this and can only find Directive 2004/38/EC.
  • @winner
    I asked what relation the EU child is too you? Twice I have asked this question
    In your original post you only mention your sons, one who is British and one who is Gambian. So where does the EU child fit in?
  • @ Alethia
    She is my daughter ....I have never said that I have 2 sons.
  • @winner
    An EU child is a dependent and not a "qualified person" as those covered by directive 2004/30/EC. This is why you have to pay
  • Thank you Alethia
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