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Ouargla City in Algeria

edited March 28 in - North Africa
hello my husband have been offered a job in Ouargla
City in Algeria as his friend work in this city as he is algerian
i have told him that i will not come to this city as iv never been there and don't know what it like as he said he dont want me to go as im due to visit him n family in his hometown but i have told him i will not go here as i have read it high risk for british people can any help thanks


  • @mariahamza
    You are righ, Ouargla is a dangerous area for British citizens, in fact anyone who is not Algerian. Frankly every time you go to any where in Algeria you are at risk but Ouargla is very dangerous.
    Ouargla, is one of three large cities that border the gas and oil extraction zones of Hassi Rmmel and Hassi Messoud. Since the 2013 oil field attacks measures, including tougher security checks on local energy employees and wide-ranging air surveillance of the country’s oil and gas fields and installations. It is a focus for terrorists.
    There is often civil unrest due to high unemployment.
    Please stay safe.
  • ok though so as i have been to few cities in algeria past 3 years but i have looked into this city and i will not be going and putting myself or my son at risk thanks for the advice
  • @maria_hamlaoui
    I applaud you maria, you are sensible, you understand the difficulties with Algeria and always put you and your childs safety first.
  • yes as i got to as mine my sons safety always will come first no matter what and thank you
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