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Moving to Lima, Peru

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Good day,

I am a South African citizen and my husband recently started a job in Peru. I am planning on joining him in Peru in June 2018. I would like to know if someone can tell me what requirements (besides the passport) we would need to enter the country as temporary residents? Would we need to show a unabridged marriage certificate? Thanks for your help.

Belinda Walker Wiese


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    South African citizens do not require a visa to enter Peru you are granted 180 days upon arrival. Of course you dont have to stay that long.
    I suggest you do take your full (unabridged) marriage certificate and full birth certificates if you travel with children.
    If you wish to stay longer than the 180 days your husbands employers should assist with this as you are joining your husband ad his dependent. This stabdard procedure in many countries.
    I suggest your husband asks his employers about this as it could prove difficult to apply alone unless your fluent in Portugese or have an excellent translator
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