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Traveling to Turkey

Hello everyone , I'm traveling to Turkey from Nigeria and because the city that the embassy is situated is quite far from the city I reside I have no other option than to make use of an agent to help me secure my visa ( it's the Norm in my country ) . Everything was moving fine till the agent told me I have to pay extra $1000 to the embassy as repatriation fee , he said it's a new law , I don't understand this and I don't have the money . Can anyone please confirm if this is true , anyone that works at the Turkish embassy in Abuja can help out please .
Thank you .


  • @whiiz
    Your agent is lying there is no such thing as a repatriation fee.
    Please see the website of the Turkish Embassy in Abuja
    Please read the warning carefully.
    There is also a call centre number you can call to confirm no such repatriation fee exists.
  • Oh my God, the scams in that country... jeeeezus... it's unbelievable.

    whiiz, listen to Alethia!

    Good luck contacting a real agent and not yet another criminal.

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