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Juanita Martin

edited April 9 in Scams
Have been contacted by man perpetuating he’s a CEO of a Dutch Company with personal and professional photos of the real person. Says he’s in Malaysia and has had numerous issues, problems. Asking me for money to help him with company issues...deliveries, salaries. Sound familiar? Began by wooing me on Messenger.


  • @Juanita Martin
    Yes it sounds familiar, because this man is a scammer, he is not the CEO of any company and he is not in Malaysia.
    The photos are not of the real person, its just that the search you undertook could not link them to any one else.
    Asking for money for personal and business problems is the trademark of a scammer.
    Why do you even bother asking? Block this man and have nothing at all to do with him. DO NOT SEND him money.
  • edited April 9
    Why in the world are you even asking the question..... For crying out loud of course this is a 100% scam.

  • Why would a ceo contact a stranger and ask for money?? sometimes I wonder about levels of intelligence
  • @Lesley & CheersTerry
    I also notice that the original poster in these type of topics never comes back to the forum to finish the story.
    Your right @Lesley a CEO asking a stranger with help to pay the workers salaries etc is incredible yet these people are so desperate they believe anything the scammer tells them.
  • @Lesley and @Alethia,

    I'm not a CEO, I'm just a normal guy so you know this must be true. If I could just get $3K-$4K from each of you then I can finish my production line here in Cuba and I promise to triple your investment in 30 days.

    Super honest Terry
  • edited April 16
    Super Honest Terry, in your dreams :smiley: :smiley: :smiley: xx
  • @CheersTerry ...I believe I believe. Give me your credit card number and I'll deposit
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