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Travelling on indefinite leave to remain with expired SA passport

Hi guys,

I’ve been around the house with the UK border and any other immigration related department but no real answer.

I’m a South African living in London and have indefinite leave to remain due to having British ancestry. I also have a Brazilian passport (Through my mother) and it comes in hand for visa free travel in the EU.

Thing is, my South African passport is about to expire and I have holidays planned soon. (My fault for not checking expiry dates)

But as I have the Brazilian passport, does anyone know if there’d be issues leaving and coming back in on it because on the indefinite leave to remain permit, it does state that I’m a South African.

Any knowledge would be appreciated.



  • @Alicat
    Indefinite leave to remain is exactly that. Indefinite, it does not run out or have to be renewed.
    There should be no issues whatsover if you have indefinite leave to remain to travel in and out of the UK.You maybe asked on re-entry to the UK as to why you do not have a biometric residence card.
    Is there a reason why you do not have a British passport?
  • I have the biometric residence card, but on that card it states I’m South African. I just haven’t got round to applying for a British passport.
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    Now you have made things a little more clear.
    You applied for ILR using your South African passport, therefore the Biometric residence card is linked to your South African passport, which is why the card states you are South African.
    You cannot travel on your Brasil.passport using the Biometric Residenxe Card to show you have ILR.
    You need to sort this out before you travel.
  • Unfortunately a new SA passport takes around 4 months from application to delivery. Surely if I have my expired SA passport with me and a valid Brazilian passport customs would be understanding?
  • PS. Thanks for taking the time.
  • @Alicat117
    Good luck. You will need it and its not customs its UK immigration that deals with entry to the UK.
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    Hi Alethia

    Just to let you know, I arrived back from a trip yesterday and infact ILR is attached to the person and not the passport. The immigration official even had it verified with his superior.

    Thanks anyway.
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