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Want to marry Tunisian girl

Hello friends.
How are you all ?
I’m indian and have permanent residence i’d of UAE.
Do anyone help me. What documents I have to carry to marry Tunisian girl.
I’m single.


  • @dnaqvi
    To marry in Tunisia you will require the following:
    1.Your passport
    2 Your birth certificate issued no more than 21 days before the marriage
    3. A document from the Indian Embassy authorities stating you are free to marry
    4.If you have been married before the death or divorce certificate.
    5. You will require a certificate from the Imam at your mosque to prove you are a Muslim.
    (this certificate is mandatory and you will not be married without it.)

    All these documents must be translated into French ir Arabic

    Once in Tunisia you must go with your fiancee for blood tests for both of you at any Tunisian hospital.
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