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Want to marry Tunisian girl

Hello friends.
How are you all ?
I’m indian and have permanent residence i’d of UAE.
Do anyone help me. What documents I have to carry to marry Tunisian girl.
I’m single.


  • @Alethia if this documents are only in English format then how? because it's an universal language. here in India in our city no imam or the government they cant type this documents in French or Arabic..
  • @Arsh
    You can translate all the documents very cheaply in Tunisa before the wedding. Your fiancee can take you to the local Notary every village and town has a Notarys office. So dont worry. Just talk to your fiancee, it maybe a Notary who marrys you. A Notary is a specialist lawyer, who can marry people as well as other legal matters.
  • @Alethia Assalamualaikum if we extend our stay how much we have to pay for one week and can we pay this in airport while we return ?
  • edited June 25
    You normally go to the police station your fiancees family can translate. You must extend first not overstay
    I dont think they charge very much to extend your stay.
    Were you not given 30 days on arrival in Tunisia?
  • Yes we r given but our tickets is just for 7 nights that's why if we want to stay..
  • @Arsh
    I do not understand the problem. Did you enter Tunisia and if so were you given 30 days visa?
    If your flight ticket is only 7 days then contact the airline and change your tickets.
  • @Alethia I'm here in Mumbai now tommorow night is my flight and I will reach by 10am in Tunis and I'm carrying 1200dollars cash and 1300 dollars in my bank account with payment hotel booking in Oscar hotel in Tunis just for 1 day 3rd July to 4th July and for the next I have a other hotel booking in Tozeur without payment but on arrival so I'm packed is this all ok with me.... Bismillah
  • @Arsh
    You sound ready to go you cannot do anymore.
    I hope your mother has enough money .
    Good luck and all the very best.
  • Thank you very much and remember me in your prayers
  • @Alethia Alhamdulillah I'm here in Tunisia with all the certificate which I needed to marry do I have to change all the certificate in French or Arabic is it compulsory and do I have to visit Indian embassy in Tunis or no need for any registration etc ...
  • @Alethia I have single certificate free to marry from Indian judiciary but I don't have a attestation of external affairs of Indian embassy but I have a attestation of notary of Indian government now what is the solution can I get attested by the Indian embassy here in Tunis..?
  • @Arsh
    I suggest you marry by a Tunisian notary it is legal, easier and cheaper. You dont need the single certificate stamped by the Indian Embassy its not neccesary.
    These know it alls at the marriage office love making life difficult. Tell you fiancee to marry with the notary much better
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