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Schengen visa refused

I got my schengen visa refused because of 2 reasons
1.intention to leave the territory of member states
2.justification for purpose to stay
I provided all the documents needed but they got rejected
I am indian passport holder student planned vacation with well known travel agency..I reapplied and this time I gave them my application form to other universities in india for entrance exams.and this time I provide them my mother's salary slips also along with my father...I don't have any travel history...But now I have have them reason to back in india as the visa expires will they grant me visa for 7 days?


  • @carnelian
    I doubt if you will be granted a visa in 7 days if you are granted a visa at all.
  • They rejected my visa then I reapplied with better documents..I gave them a proof that I have applied in one the universities in india for entrance examination's for further education....Will they grant me visa?Tourist visa?For 7 days?
  • @carnelian
    This is in the hands of the Schengan visa officer not this forum
  • But I would like to know that who do you think about my chances for getting this tourist visa for 7 days
  • What do you think about my chances?
  • @carnelian
    I dont live on this forum so stop demanding attention. I will repeat. Your visa application is with the immigration officer. I dont know.
  • Thank you☺️@alethia...
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