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Fight Club

A foreigner friend of mine, got into a fight in a club in south korea, itaewon, he was alone agaisnt two Korean Citizens, now the Korean Citizens said the police that he kick them and assault them with no reason, My friend is under investigation and the case went to prosecutor, right now he is waiting the prosecutor decision which seems not favorable. Because my friend is just traveling in South Korea for a bit, he has his flight out to hong kong next week and he doesnt know if he should leave or stay for see what will happen. Please help and avoid answers like, call 123 or check lawyer, just tell me if you heard about a case like this among your friends.


  • @joeambers
    No one on this forum is equipped to help you and you should have spoken to a lawyer.
    If it was me I would ask the lawyer if I could change my flight and leave imediately.
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