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Spouse visa/ finance visa

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I'm from the UK will I have to go marry in Algeria civil marriage and then apply for a spouse visa for my future wife who currently resides in Algeria? Or would it be easier for her to apply for a fiance visa and then we make arrangements once she arrives in UK?
I don't need to meet the income threshold as I'm a carer at present for my mother.
Which option is easy for us can you please help thanks?.


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    It is much better if you can marry and bring your wife on a spouse visa. The fiance route costs double the amount in fees.
    You would need to pay the full amount for the fiance visa £1464 plus language test fees.
    if that is granted your fiance would be given a six months visa. You must be married in the UK as soon as possible. You then make an application for a 30 month visa as a spouse which witll cost £1033 plus £1200 IHS.
    Whereas if you make a spouse application you will save well over a thousand pounds.

    Even though you are a carer you still need a small income of at least £115 per week or savings to cover the first 30 months. This £115 is what a couple are given on income support.
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