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I met this man on line. We have being talking a while also talking by video. Says he is a Engineer. one day he told me he was flying to Turkey to buy products they needed. I never thought any thing about. He was suppose to be there for two weeks. Even posted pictures of him at the airport. when he was ready to pay for supplies says his business bank account has being blocked. Wanted to know if he gave me his banking information would I help him to get on line and transfer his funds. The internet system is so bad there. I agreed and he send an account no., a bank name, and his pass word. Told me to promise to deleted it when finished. But that bank was blocked with the information he gave me thank God. He did not have any one else he could contact. The bank said he had to come to the bank in person to get the account unlocked. At that point I am very suspicious and I told him so. He said this is a different country we are dealing with. He was sick because he had money but could not get to it. He asked me if I could help him by buying a ticket from Turkey to New York. He would pay me back as soon as he get the account unblocked. It cost $2,225.00, I bought the ticket and send a wire transfer to his translator in Turkey. He posted a picture of the ticket it looked real to me. he was to leave the next day. that night real late I got a video call which was suppose to be morning there saying he was detained at the airport. I could not understand him it was a lot of noise. I told him to call me the next day. that morning got a phone call on my cell which said Turkey the number is +90 533 881 9471. A man asked my name and asked if I new this man and if i was his girl friend. Said he was detained at the airport. said he would have to call me back. My friend called back on the same number saying they detained his because he did not have a BTA Allowance on him in the amount of $8,500.00 dollars. He has the money in his business account but can not get to it. he is just sick he says. Hate to bother me but could I help him out. Told him that do not make sense to me and I could not help him because i do not have that kind of money. I am so sick my self. I really did believe him and love him. Please tell me if this is a scam. Will I have to wait long to here your remarks about this post?


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    "... Please tell me if this is a scam..."

    100% scam right from the beginning. EVERYTHING he told you was a lie. The bloody BTA Allowance doesn't even exist, it's totally made up.

    You're dealing with a lying criminal and you were a sucker to fall for ANY of this.

    Wake up.

    Good luck.

  • @wells6847
    Of course it is a scam. BTA or PTA are lies made up by scammers to steal money from fools like you. This person is a criminal stop all contact and DO NOT send money
  • Hi I want to know if someone travelling to Nigeria and to turkey and to Malta if BTA exists.
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    If you had bothered to read the post just before yours you will see I wrote

    "Of course its a scam BTA and PTA are lies made up by scammers to steal money from fools like you"

    You are obviously not a well travelled person or you would know that there is no such thing as BTA (Basic Travel Allowance) or PTA ( Private Travel Allowance) No airline in the world charges these fees because they dont exist.

    Your online boyfriend or girlfriend professing their undying love is a scammer, whose only interest in life is to take you for every penny you have.
  • Thanks again
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