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Who anyone being banned in south korea for 2 or 5

Who anyone being banned in south korea for 2 or 5 years and return to south korea after the banned finish with succesfully enter the korea ? Anyone ?


  • @franzsiv
    Every ones circumstance are different. Only South Korean immigration can give you the answer.
  • Hi. Is it still possible that one visit another country as tourist if the passport have a stamp of 68-1 from S. Korea?

    Planning to work in singapore and Already passed the interview of employer. They are preparing to apply forbthe work visa, but worried that might be rejected ifventering singapore with 68-1 stamp in passport.

    Please help. Thanks.
  • @honeyd00ds
    I do not think you will have any problem. In this instance why not apply for a new passport? Your not returning to South Korea and Singapore will have no record of your Korean immigration history unless you have told them.
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