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Schengen visa denied because of fake bank stu

Hello everyone,
I need help please. I applied for Schengen visit visa at the German embassy in Accra Ghana but my visa was refused due to a bank statements. I didn't know it was fake but they had me arrested at the embassy. The police asked me to provide the guy who printed it otherwise I will be prosecuted and also be bann for 10 years. The guy has been arrested now but what I want to know is; do I have the chance to apply for the visa again or I will be bann as the police told me? I talked to immigration lawyer and he also told me since it's Schengen, they have already put a 5years banned on me. It is true? My passport is still with the police till now. They told me they will take it back to the embassy. Will the embassy put a bann stamp in my passport if it's true I've been banned? Thanks.


  • @Graceb
    All Schengen Embassies are linked by VIS (visa information service) this means all the embassies will be aware you presented fraudulent documents and that you are banned for 5 years. It does not need to be stamped in a passport as this information is now linked to your bio data.The minute your finger prints are taken your immigration history , your fraudulent application and the fact your banned will come up.

    You are lucky not to be arrested. Of course you knew the bank statements were fake. Usually bank statements are provided directly by a bank not by a man who is not a bank employee.
  • @ Alethia I sent my colleague to get it from the bank for me. I didn't know it was fake honestly.
  • @Alethia The immigration lawyer told me the if I marry or have a child with my German boyfriend, the banned will be reverse. Is it true?
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    Having a child would not help, marriage might. However, Schengen immigration may view it as a marriage of convenience, in which case it would not be regarded as genuine for immigration purposes.
    The ban is not automatically lifted, you would need to apply to have the entry ban removed.

  • @Alethia thanks a lot I appreciate your comments.
  • Hi Graceb,
    I have gone through the Schengen visa process before and it's not something to joke with especially these African countries. I think you need to wait some years to give it another try. As marriage will not help you at all.
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