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I met a girl on fb according to her she is from US and is now in Nigeria and wants to come to my country to marry me as she has got a job here she even sent me the offer letter I sent her 700$ for ticket now she was asking me for 2000$ to pay the BTA all the documents she sent was totally fake like receipt of ticket from KLM airlines, attorneys of Nigerian govt, never ever send any money to these kind of person they can even send u any kind of evidences to make sure they are not fake.


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    The moral of the story is that you never give money to someone you have never met. There is no such thing as BTA and all of this you could have checked on the internet before handing over money.
  • "I met a girl on fb...."

    No, he was likely a big guy in a basement with a bunch of other scammers, all laughing at how easy easy it is to take money from fools.

    Sorry this happened to you, but honestly, why in the world did you send money to someone who only exists inside your computer?

    Lesson learned, I hope.

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