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Alethia are you still active ? can you help. if i get a letter to leave cyprus in 75 days and the date on the letter is one month before the post mark which date is right ?... the letter date is 19.2.18 and the post mark is 19.3.18 thats one month later !!!. which date is right


  • @goldenvisa
    The date starts from the date on the letter 19.2.2018.
    Today 6 May 2018 is day 76.
    when you received the letter in March you should have contacted the department who sent the letter and explained the one month disparity, but you ignored it.
  • Hello Alethia,
    Heard so much about this group and your support so I'm hoping you can guide me in the right direction as well.... I'm planning a trip to europe but i currently don't have a tenancy contract to proof as a strong tie, how ever i have available every other necessary documents required. Will this affect my application in any way, not having a tenancy contract? Thanks
  • @Josab
    A tenancy contract is not neccesary. The main thing is to prove strong ties to your country of origin.
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