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Applying Tourist visa - India from Tunisia for Tunisian Citizens

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Looking for some information related to Tourist visa.

Documents required.

Tunisian Citizens applying for tourist visa from Tunis.
1 year or less tourist visa.


  • Thanks @CheersTerry
    Is it mandatory to show bank statement for 3 months ?
  • @mozak
    It is mandatory to provide 3 months bank statements. If you try to cut corners it is likekly the visa will be refused.
  • Can statement work for any other person

    Like me for my father in law ?
    Or his daughter’s
  • edited May 9
    You should know by now that when applying for a visa you have to stick to the requirements or the visa will be refused.
    No you cant send your bank statements
    The Indian government needs to see that he has sufficient funds
  • @mozak @Alethia Assalamualaikum wa rahmatullahi wa barakatuhu and Ramadhan kareem to all of you as we had conversations before just freshly i want to ask that im an indian citizen and my fiancee is from tunisia
    By this june ending im planning to visit tunisia with my mom so for the visa its on arrival as i checked it before and i need you assistance about it... Updated
    In december 2017 my mom she travelled to tunis and she had return ticket, hotel reservation, invitation letter from the parents of my fiancee but due to very less money she was carrying only 70dollars so due to this she was deported back to india the next day and the immigration people they said to her that of you had money like more than 500 dollars to 1000dollars we would have accept you to give you on arrival visa but unfortunately my mom bank account didnt work in tunis so she had came back to india.
    But this time wallahi i want to be ready with all the things which i can be ready with so in sha allah please assist me.
    So as per now for my conclusion if we carry 1000dollars each we can get on arrival visa easily i think so .....
    Waiting for your suggestions and reply
    Thank you...
  • @Arsh
    A 1000 US dollars each should be fine perhaps a little more if possible. To put this into persepective. Your mother could not arrive at any country with only $70 dollars and assuming her Indian bank account would work.
    Good luck this time
  • Is there any chance for this time that tunisia embassy in india is processsing visa for tourist not like before rejecting...@mozak
  • edited May 18
    The Tunisan Embassy do not grant visas that is why they made this new avenue to apply on arrival at the airport. Most people would be pleased about this. Your mother turned up with insufficient funds that was her mistake that is why the visa was refused. Common sense would tell you that it was foolish to arrive anywhere with such little money.
  • @Arsh . remember to declare your foreign currency to Mimi when you enter. this is s requirement for foreigners. it also ensures that you can then exchange up to this amount on departure
  • edited May 30
    Ars please contact to me I also need some your help please.
  • @ADIL1991
    You cannot put personal contact details on this site it breaches forum rules. Consequently they have been removed. Please understand that @Arsh is not marrying a second wife and is being very respectful to his fiances Tunisian family.
  • Assalamu alaikum hope you all are doing well this ramadan may allah bless you all today im going to book my mom and my flight ticket with return. Just as my fiance she said book tickets for 2 weeks with bank balance of 1000 dollars each so is it possible with hotel booking and 2 weeks of hotel booking if we show 1000 dollars or this money everything will be sufficient for only 1 week only? In airport will they accept for 2 weeks for 1000 dolars? can you please guide me in sha allah..
  • @Lesley what does this mimi means? Is it a currency exchange?
    @Alethia is it fine if i just show 1000 dollars each means 2000 dollars in one account that is my bank account or we need to put this on our hands means we need to carry out from bank ?
  • @Arsh
    Foreign currency may be taken into Tunisia in unlimited amounts, but it must be declared (in writing on a form specified) when the amount exceeds the equivalent of 25000 Dinars ($1000 USD).

    The declaration must be made to the Tunisian customs (MiMi) before you leave the customs area on entering the country. You need to do this if you want to take the money out again when you leave.

    The declaration is only valid for a period of 3 months. After this period, even declared foreign money cannot be taken out of the country anymore.

    To be sure carry $1000 dollars cash each, yes $2000 is enough for two weeks for the two of you.

    I hope all goes well this time.
  • @Alethia Thank you very much
  • Is there any possibility that i can come with my mom to tunisia from india but while return i will go to other destination (Philippines) because my college will be starting and my mom will leave to india ..?
  • @Arsh
    I dont see any problem to travel to different destinations at the end of your visit. Entering Tunisia is the problem not leaving.
    You must really love your girl to go to such effort. I applaud you.
  • @Alethia thank you very much i just need your everyones duas ...
  • @Alethia i have booked our return tickets in saudia airlines but the thing is my mom ticket is before one day of my ticket because no same day flights to our destination.
    Is it ok if have different dates just 1 day only..
  • @Arsh
    You really are over thinking this.
    It is not a problem if your mother leaves one day early. I repeat, the difficulty is entering Tunisia not leaving.
  • @Alethia for the hotel booking can we do like this however im going to stay in my father in law house but for the airport and customs we need to show confirmed hotel bookings so can i make it just booking online and when i reach tunis i will cancel is it possible or can my father in law book hotel and send me the confirmation. This all just for hotel or if you have any idea please guide me in sha allah....
  • @Arsh
    You have to show a confirmed hotel booking an online booking may not work. I suggest your father in law make the booking and send the confirmation. The Tunisian immigration officers can call the hotel to check so it must be an official booking.

  • Yes i have to confirm bookings if i do the confirm online booking in online is it possible because the father in law he said he dont have any idea about any hotels and my ticket is from 3rd july to 10th july. So i will pay the money and show the booking of hotel for 2 days and after that i will stay in the father in law house so is this possible that i will just show 2 days confirmed payment booking and rest of the days i will show just booking with money payment?
    Please help me
  • Or can my father in law book the hotel which is not available online just near to thier city in gafsa is this will be possible?
  • @Arsh
    You cannot show a hotel booking for 2 days when you are staying longer. You have to show a reservation for the whole of your stay.
    Just make a reservation at any hotel for one week, your not going to stay there so it can be any hotel.

    First your mother arrives with just $70 and is refused and now you want to book a hotel for 2 days when your stay is for one week, Please use your good sense, if you dont want to be refused.
  • @Alethia Im done with everything just one thing is lagging and that is hotel confirmation i have tried from the past week many hotels and called them that will they provide the confirmation letter before i travel none of them has said that we will provide they say that reserve booking online and when you pay here when you arrive so after that we will make for a confirmation letter and my finace her father has also called the hotels in tozeur they all said that the peeson who will live should come so that we will make confirmation letter.
    So can online confirmation number or anything is it enough for the airport...means the hotel will not provide just i think lkke website will provide the confirmation so any suggestions please.. thank you
  • @Arsh
    You have no option but to make an on line reservation , if immigration have a problem they can always call the hotel to confirm you have a reservation, so you should not have a problem.
    It is correct that you book on line and then pay for the hotel at the end of your stay
    ( I have done this many times on my travels)
    You can cancel the hotel reservation once you are safely through immigration and outside the airport.
    All the best
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