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Dublin, Ireland entry requirements?

edited November 2008 in - Britain and Ireland
please my friend wants to invite me to dublin ireland for a shotr stay i dont know the requirement for me .thanks
from dede in nigeria


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    i need to know cos i love to visit ireland soon. thanks
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    Wordtravels have a page on this at
    Cheers Dub1
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    I am intending to visit Fife in Scotland. Iam a foreign national live legally in London but my immigration issue is not sorted out yet. Can you help please.
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    I live in London and I have a nigerian passport with indefinite stay on my passport to remain in U.K. I would like to travel to Dublin, but not sure if I need a visa and where to apply.

    Please can you give me further information.
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    If a person from USA was visiting Ireland and at the end of the 3 month stay allowed on their passport, decides to stay longer, what are the procedures to extend their stay?
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    i am in Nigeria I want to travel to dublin. What are the requirements needed to proceed to my travelling?
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    I live in london I have indafinate to leave on my pakistani passport do I need visa go to dublin ??
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