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Rights to reside in Denmark

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Hi Alethia and everyone on the platform,
Thanks alot for the help. And BECAUSE OF YOUR ADVISE I MANAGED TO TAKE A STEP . I would like some advice once again. I married a Danish and had a baby but he died. Our marriage was approved and the baby has got her Danish citizenship certificate and a Danish passport.. I now reside in South Africa with her and my other daughter from an African man. I would like us to be relocated to denmark so that we might have our rights especially for the child's education and social services. What should I do? What and Where and how do I apply? How long could it take for that to happen? Please enlighten me on that process. Also is it possible for us to go with my other daughter who is not a Danish citizen? Please let me know of my rights .
Thank you so much for your time.


  • @Annmary
    First of all you and your other child must be residing legally in South Africa before you can apply for a Danish visa.
    You need to apply for a reunification visa, that is you and your othger child will apply for a Danish visa to live with your child in Denmark. Will your husbands parents help you with accomodation/support?
    We need answers to these before you can move on and apply for the visa.
  • Yes. They will give any help.
  • We are legal. But someone told me that we can't proceed from SA to denmark. Thanks
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    As you are legally resident in South Africa you can apply, do not listen to people who dont know the visa procedure. You make a family reunification visa application at the Danish VFS Global office.
  • Thanks. We are legal immigrants not residents, so does that mean we should return to our country?
  • One more please, I read that one of the conditions for that reunification is that the applicant must have worked and lived a number of years in Denmark. Can you please advise on that
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    You are speaking of reunification when the Danish family member lives in Denmark.
    How can a child live and work in Denmark? Please use your common sense.You are applying from outsde Denmark.

    I dont understand what you mean by legal immigrants. I can find no such category in South African immigration law. Do you have documents to prove you live legally in South Africa?
  • Thanks for the response. Allow me clarify my question now please,

    I didn't address my question in a clear way, right now am on a visit to South Africa. But I will be returning home soon. That means I will have to do the necessary process from my home country. Someone had told me that i could start that process while here but according to your previous explanations I understood that I have to be in my country or holding a residence permit if am in a foreign country.

    So please understand that I will do this process in my country of origin. So please allow me to ask again, how can I and my child go and live in Denmark?

    Thanks allot.
  • @Annmary
    As you are not legally resident in South Africa you will need to return to your home country which I believe is Uganda.
    You need to apply for a D visa for you and your non Danish child.

    You will need to supply the following documents:-

    1. Passports and passport photos for you and your non Danish child
    2. Marriage Certificate
    3. Death Certificate
    4. Birth certificate
    5. Evidence of accomodation in Denmark
    6. Evidence that grandparents are Danish and reside in Denmark
    7. Letter of support from grandparents, they must state that their grandchild is prevented from living in Denmark and seeing the grand parents.

    You travel to South Africa regularly, do you work, where does your money come from?

  • Thanks I understand. I own a school in Uganda, and my child's grand parents send more money for us monthly.
  • I didn't understand what you meant by,....... grandparents should state that their grandchild is prevented from living in Denmark. Because she was born here in Africa and just got her Danish citizenship.
  • @Annmary
    Your child is prevented from living in Denmark because you are her mother and she cannot be seperated from her mother as she is a small child not even two years old. Does that make sense? She needs to be accompanied by you.

    As you own a school in Uganda you should have a bank account and a monthly incone. You need to keep the evidence that your in laws send you money regularly.

    Your circumstances have certainly changed since you were destitute in South Africa after you gave birth to your child.
  • Perfectly understood. Thank you very much. I will try that and let you know of the progress. God bless you for me.
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