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Spain Visa Rejected, Lodge the Appeal and final verdict is "REFUSED"

edited May 28 in Expat Advice

My Spain Visa is Rejected with reason "Document that i presented is not reliable" theay ask me to lodge an appeal which i did on 20 April 2018 and received their answer on 24 April 2018,My plan was travel to Spain for a week,but with all disappointment they rejected me without telling me why and with they stamped RED in my Passport and instead they gave me a piece of paper which is written in Spanish and no one is willing to translate it for me,instead they ask me to googling it ! and they also ask me to Re Apply (but i don't want to go to Spain anymore) and then i tried to Apply for Greece,But the officer said that i need to wait for 90 days to Apply to Greece,My Question is...What is that RED STAMP in my Passport mean ? does it mean that i get banned to enter any Schengen area ? is there any possibility or any chance for me to get Visa from other Schengen Country ? Thank You


  • @Katotie29
    You come across as very angry. Google translate could easily have helped you.

    You provided fake documents so the fault is yours.

    The red stamp shows you have been refused a visa by Spain.

    Your biometric data and personal information are now stored in the Schengen Information System (SIS) and is shared with European 30 countries
    So every time you apply for a Schengen visa your immigration history will appear.

    You will need to be squeaky clean when you next apply with perfect documents or you will be refused.
  • Hi @Alethia !

    I am new to this site and desperately hope to find an answer to my query.

    I am a Traveller from India. I am unmarried working woman. So far, the only country I have travelled outside India is Thailand.

    I planned a two weeks Switzerland trip last year, for September (2017). My documents were all in place and I applied to the Swiss embassy through VFS Hyderabad. My Visa got refused, stating "the information submitted regarding the justification for the purpose and conditions for intended stay was not reliable" and "your intention to leave the territory of the Member states before the expiry of the visa could not be ascertained". Again, my all documents were in place. I was planning a solo trip.

    I called up the embassy, they said they cannot say more than what was mentioned in the letter.

    I am in a soup now. I want to plan another trip this year, but when contacted a travel agency, the agency said that because it was refused once, it may get refused again. Even if I plan any other Schengen country!

    What do I do? I really want to have an approved visa. Please advice!

    Thank you.
  • @swasty
    You repeat that your were in place , they were not. There was a problem with your documents, they were found to be unreliable and therefore your trip could not be justified.
    If you insist on travelling alone I think you should go on a package tour you will be on your own but in a group which will demonstrate that your flights accomodation and itinerary will be in place.
    It is none of the travel agents business if you want to travel to a Schengen country.
    you have been refused once but it does not mean you will be refused again.
    Schengen countries share information on applicants through SIS.
    Your biometric data and personal information are now stored in the Schengen Information System (SIS) and is shared with European 30 countries
    So every time you apply for a Schengen visa your immigration history will appear.
    Your documents need to be perfect and a group tour can help with this.
  • Ok. Thank you @Alethia . This time I actually asked for a group tour from the travel agency, but the agency person asked me to travel to Asian countries and said that even if I opt for a group tour, since I am not travelling with a family member, the visa processing will be done seeing me as traveling alone :(.

    My problem is I still have no idea what went wrong with my documents. I had provided all documents listed in the website. I have spoken to another travel agent about it, but he also couldn't provide much help. Do you think travelling to Switzerland all alone for a 14 days itinerary could make them doubt my intentions? Was 14 days a bit too long?

    I wish I am able to find a solution to this soon! Thanks again for your response!
  • @swasty

    I will repeat again as you do not seem to understand, there was a problem with your documents. For example the documents showing your hotel/accomodation may no longer be valid or maybe you did not send certified bank statements. Did you submit an itinerary?

    I wonder what you would find to do alone for 14 days in Switzeeland? f you were travelling to another country for example Switzerland and France I could see how 14 days would be sufficient.

    The list of documents on the website are insufficient. You need an itinerary which is why a group tour is best.

    I think the travel agent is unhelpful and cheeky, its not his business, where you want to go on holiday. It is his business to plan a successful holiday
  • Hmmm. Thanks for the information :)
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