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Second marriage in Tunisia

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Dear sir / madam . Assalamualaikum .
I am ADIL From INDIA I have a girlfriend in tunisia. I want to get marry with him but I already married in india can i get a second marry in tunisia . Please solve this my problem can give me a better answer


  • @ADIL1991
    You cannot marry in Tunisia because polygamous marriage is illegal in Tunisia.

    The out dated religious idea that you can have four wives because you are a Muslim was made illegal in Tunisia in 1956. Only civil marriages are recognised as legal in Tunisia.
    Nikah marriages are not legal.

    If you married in India your marriage would not be recognised in Tunisia or anywhere else except India.

    In 2017 Tunisia overturned a law that banned women from marrying non-Muslims, in other words Tunisian women have the choice to legally marry a Muslim or a non- Muslim

    You should not be trawling the internet for another wife, just because a woman is a Muslim does not mean she can be subjugated as a second wife.

    I am sure you have only met the Tunisian woman on the internet, that is not a girlfriend, does your she know your married?

    I do not believe any one on this forum will help you to break Tunisian law.

  • Yes I meet to him by internet. But she know all about me .and i have tell him that i am already married here in india. But she also want to me marry so how we can make this legally. Please give me better solutions. Thank you.
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    Your girl friend knows you cannot marry in Tunisia , she knows polygamous marriage is illegal.

    I gave you the answer very clearly. Just because India allows you to have 4 wives Tunisia does not. Many many countries do not recognise polygamous marriage

    The solution is easy, stop contacting the Tunisian girl as you cannot marry and stop trawling the internet looking for a second wife.

    Tunisia is a country with values and laws that protect women from polygamous marriage and predators.
  • @ADIL1991 . I am not taking you seriously. a Tunisian girl would never consider to be s 2nd wife and her family would not allow it. even so you would need to provide proof that you are single and able to marry. so take your sharia somewhere else because Tunisia is a modern thinking country
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