Chinese Visa FAQ: all about visas for China

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Q1:What’s the type of my visa?
A: Please look at your current visa;find the Capital Letter on the top L=Tourist ; F=Business Visa ; Z=Working Visa ; X=Student Visa *As Chinese laws, if you hold an F visa , you are not allow to get incoming payment here. That means, if you have sign the contract with the company and will start your full-time job here in China, it’s better for you to ask for the working(Z) visa and residence permit from your company. Otherwise, the government may find you and your company because of the illegal employment. If your company don’t know how to apply the working visa for you.

Q2:What’s mean of Entry(ies)?
A:How many times you can enter China during the visa period. Commonly, there was 4 kinds of Entry: 00=Zero; 01=Single; 02=Double; M=Multi

Q3:What is the difference between a Chinese tourist and business visa?
A:Chinese visas are issued according to the purpose of the trip; either tourism or business activities. In general, "tourist" visas are issued specifically for the purpose of travel for pleasure, while a "business" visa generally permits a traveler to engage in normal business-related activities (sales meetings, visiting a factory, negotiating agreements, etc.)

Q4:I am going to mainland China, then to Hong Kong and back to mainland China for one night. Does this mean I must have a double-entry visa?
A:Yes. Double-entry visa means you can enter into mainland of China twice within 90 days. Since you are going to the mainland of China twice, you must have a double-entry visa. Although being part of China, Hong Kong is a Special Administrative Region.

Q5:I travel to China frequently. How do I obtain a multiple entry visa?
A:There are two ways to get a multi-entries F visa:
-To get it from overseas Chinese consulates or at visa office in HK. You will need to ask your business partners in China to contact the local government office to issue an invitation.The invitation(letter) has to be issued by the authorized Chinese government departments or Chinese organizations.However;issuance of a multi-entries visa is at the discretion of the consulate and having an official invitation does not guarantee issuance of the multi-entries visa.
-To get it from local PSB in China,you need to be sponsored by a Chinese host .

Q6:Is there any useful tips for F visa extension?
A:Yes,As we know, when you hold an F visa and stay inside of China, you can extend your visa every 6 month up to total 1 year without leaving. that’s mean, for example , your enter China at 1st Jan.2008. so that you can extend your visa every 6 month up to 1st Jan . 2009 .without leaving. That’s we called 1 year limit. But the 1 year limit is calculate from the lastest enter date. So during this 1 year, you can apply 1extra entry and leave the country and come back with this entry. Then you enter date will be refreshed. Anyway,we just pass this information to you because it might be hepful to you.

Q7:My company want to apply an Working(Z) Visa for me ,is it possible to get it here inside of China without going outside of China?
A:Yes, It’s possible. Before your company do any work to apply the Working(Z) visa for you. Please contact our office first. We can give you suggestion and help you to handle everything just inside of China..

I hope that i have given you helpful information here. If you still have question on China visa, you can feel free to contact Grace jin by e-mail: or MP: 13811299056.

Good luck!
Grace jin


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    Grace Jin,

    Many thanks, Grace, This info is very useful!

    I am a travel Agent in Nigeria and I have clients going to China a lot.

    Thank you again!
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    Hi, I am a Dominica Republic Passport holder. I was born in China ( don't know which part of China ). I intend to travel to China via Hong Kong. Can I get a China visa in Hong Kong ? And, can I get a landed visa at Shenzhen border area if I want to travel to Shenzhen only ? Thanks for your kindest assistance.
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    I have a question. I'm going to China April 2 with a school group. I have already gotten my visa and when I got the visa, my passport was valid for over six months. But by the time we actually go to China, my passport will be valid for just about 5 more months. I have gotten both answers, that I can still get in, and that I can't and I was wondering if anyone knew the answer.
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    Of course you will be allowed to enter China with your visa. To have 6 months left on your passport is a requirement to get your visa, not to enter China. The Chinese diplomatic mission that issued your visa would not have given it if there was insufficient time for you to enter and leave China due to passport restrictions. You have your visa. You can enter China in accordance with its validity, subject of course to the usual condition of most countries, that the final decision is up to the immigration officer at the border. Unless you are a criminal. entering China as a visitor is easier than entering most countries. Chinese immigration odfficers are polite and efficient. enterVisitingImmigrtaChines immigration officers are polite and
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    Some people have enquired on here about ticketing from the UK to China. There are several airlines which offer good deals out of London, and from various regional airports.However, flying to China on Air Asia-X via Kuala Lumpur and Hongkong is not a good idea. Air Asia is a 'no froills' airline, and although it's flights around Asia are often a bargain, its long distance associate, Air Asia X, is not so atractive.The flight from London to KL alone is as much as it can cost to fly fly to Hong Kong direct on better flights, and with more luggage.It is also no more, and often less, to fly direct from the UK to Beijing or Shanghai, and there is an even wider choice of flights via nearby mainland European hubs.I make regular flights from both LHR and Birmingham on KLM via Amsterdam, on Air France via Paris, or on Emirates, all to Beijing or Shanghai. There is a high tax penalty for flying long haul direct from the UK.I believe it is £60 each way at present, while tax on flights via a European hub is only £10 each way.If anyone particularly wants to visit HongKong on the outward or return journey from the UK to China, Cathay Pacific allows stopover there, and onward flight to Beijing, Shanghai, and several other Chinese cities. I always book online direct through the airlines' websites, because It costs no more than agents, is easier to make payments, and changes, and is safer. Don't be afraid to travel on China's airlines. They are modern, efficient, have a good safety record,a high on board standard, and at least bilingual crews. Air China flies direct from London to Beijing, and China Southern codeshares with KLM from London, Birmingham and Manchester.Thgere are numerous other ways. LH via Frankfurt or Munich;Finnair via Helsinki; Aeroflot via Moscow are some of them. You can be a bit adventurous and save some money at the same time.
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    I wonder if you could help me. I am booking flights for my colleague and his family (they are moving out to China in August). Because of what type of visa his family has, we have been told that we need to book a return in to London? Is this right? Can visas not be changed when in China? Thanks
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    Hi Grace,

    I applied for a tourist visa, but I wonder why Chinese consulate has stamped my passport with business visa. I am not sure if I can travel on my business visa now for just sight seeing? Can you please guide if you have any idea about it please.

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    How important is the color of the stamp (in red and blue) to dismiss the Chinese visa?
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    Hi Grace Jin thanks for the web pg . can you help me with the corected info . sins 2008 i come on a regular base to China to visited my fiancee and now we can get married in May 2011 , i want to know for what tipe of visa must i apply for and for how long is that vis valid i got allredy a resident paper for the police here in Chong qing where we stay .
    Thank You .
    Kind Regards .
    Chris & Xiang
    my personal e-mail is;
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    Hi Grace I applied for visa for a course of one month and ten days and this visa was granted of 60 days. Soon after the course was changed and I got a course of 2 months 20days meaning I needed a visa of 90 days. I m already in China very far from Beijing. How do I request for extension.


    My email is;
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    Is it possible to travel to hong kong and back to china mainland for the purpose of re entry after three months that is required in the visa?
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    HELP. I am flying out to Hong Kong tomorrow monring at 5:45 AM. From there I am flying to mainland China. I just realized my visa has expired. What can I do to get a visa quickly when I get to Hong Kong? Has someone done this before?
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    You can get last min visas from 01618709048. China Visa Bureau, based in Manchester.
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    We can answer all visa questions on our facebook page or twitter @visamachine. Alternatively, you can call us on +44 (0) 207 148 6402
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    China Visa Bureau can answer all your questions please call 0161 870 9048. Were here to help you.
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    I have applied and obtained a double-entry visa to China, however, my plans have changed and will need to go in and out of China 3 times instead of 2, but I have flying out in 2 days so there is not enough time to arrange for a multiple entry visa. Can I apply for a landed visa at Shenzhen for my 3rd entry?
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    Hi Bin, you do have time to change it, we can do Sameday visas.......give us a call. If you are flying into china with a onward desination and your in the airport for no longer than 24 hours you wont need a visa for that one.
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    If you are arranging your visa from the UK you can find the application form and the closest visa office to you via the Chinese Visa Application Service Centre (CVASC) and apply through them.

    Or you can, like myself apply through a company called CIBT. I ended up paying more than I would have than if I had gone through the CVASC but I found them really great, they have a phone number where you can call them for any advice and help filling out your form. You can also track your visa online, so you know where it is, if it has been processed etc and they email you with updates on how your visa is doing and when you should expect to have it back. I would therefore, from personal experience recommend using them, the website is as follows:
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    Hi. When I entered China I was on F visa. Just days before my visa expired, I applied for residence permit application alongwith my husband who is Z (working) visa. Now the situation is neither I can leave China as my passport is held up with immigration office (PSB) nor I can stay in China as I am out of status. Please let me know if I should wait until my permit application gets processed or go to PSB and report my overstay in China which might result in heavy fine and even deportation. Any advise will be highly appreciated. Thank you.
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    Currently the Chinese Consulate/Embassy are requesting Confirmed Flights and Hotel bookings for all Chinese visa Tourism applications. If you need more information about the China Visa application process please contact us
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    I'm holding a HKSAR passport living in the USA do I need to get visa? Do i have apply for something else to enter mainland China?
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    i am applying for a tourist visa in India, via Chinese embassy. I had already traveled to China in 2010 March on a F visa for a workshop in Beijing for 5 days. Some one told me that, I will not get a tourist visa to China, since I had traveled earlier to China. Is it true? But I visited China for Official purpose and I didn't get any time to even look into a single shop or a museum. Please let me know, if some one know the answer.. :)
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    I have a valid single entry Chinese business visa and was originally going to enter through Beijing to travel onto Changsha but I want to know if I can enter and leave via Hong Kong?
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    I have a F visa valid for 1 year with multi entries with 60 day limit stays in china. Please can you advise me if I can consult for a company in china as long as I don't overstay my 60 days but enter again during this year. And how does the company give me money for expenses during my stay in china? thanks
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    Is there any limit to the number of entries to China in a new visa each time??? For example.. I have already travelled to China three times this year under 2 double entry visa.. Will it be a problem for me to get another visiting visa again?
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    I understand that Australian nationals require visas to travel to China. Do they still need to apply for visas if they're only TRANSITING through (as in, flying somewhere else and catching a connecting flight in China)?
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    I am cruising through south east Asia visiting Singapore hong kong Vietnam Thailand ending the cruise in shanghai where we will be staying for 3 days will I need a double or multipule entry visa
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    I have a question about my visa. I have a double entry F visa at the moment which is valid for 60 days. It expires on the 14th of may,I need to extend it as I am staying till the end of june. However, what is the chance that I get a double entry again? Do you know if it is difficult? Because I heard that once you got one double entry it does not guarantee that I will get it again? I really need the double entry as a family member is visiting HK. Thank you so much!!
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    @Salma, I think it's no problem to get visting visa again.
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    hello,dear,here have very details that about how to apply

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