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Visa Processing Duration

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My question is very simple,

I have submitted my passport to poland embassy in riyadh saudi arabia on date 10.05.2018 its now 31.05.2018 means 21th days up but i did not received any response from the embassy for passport collection, i tried to call them they did not answer the call, i email once a week ago they reply it is under process, i email yesterday again after 1 week but no reply yet, is it normal or not? as per website visa process require days are 15days, :( i have flight with in next 10 days, i will appreciate if an expert read my query and guide me pls.


  • @Nasir055
    To take so long is worrying as there is a problem with your application.

    I assume that you applied directly to the Embassy for your visa and you handed the documents in at the Polish visa office. Is there a reason you can not physically attend the Polish visa office and ask directly instead of email.

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    The polish embassy dont have any contract with VFS global visa services, and they instructed all applicants to make an appointment and visit the embassy directly as per the embassy instruction i visited embassy they collect my finger prints and visa fee and give me a token for my passport collection.

    Today i email them that token to confirm me where is my passport if the visa process complete, they are so damp i was not expacting this from a developed country mission.

    And tomorrow and day after tomorrow it is off there duties i will visit embassy directly on sunday to sort the delay of my passport.

    What you thing what can be the problem to my application that can cause this much delay??

    Other thing i thought here in saudi arabia holidays ahead to all job holders may be due to season of holidaya my passport delay??

  • @Nasir055
    I do not understand why there is a delay. it just does not bode well. You are correct that is is unprofessional for a developed country that is a member of the Schengen zone to breach its own guidelines.
    I sympathise with you and agree that your only course of action is to visit the Polish embassy in person. Good luck and please let us know how you get on.
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    Let me share another thing with you, as per embassy instruction i had reach there exactly assign time on the date of my appointment 9th of may ..i took flight from one state to other state for my appointment; next thing i saw that was shocking ! There was little dust i mean sand storm the embassy posted a notice on the main gate that the consular section will remain closed today kindly all those applicant who has appointment today come next day !!!!! Is it really a professionAlism?? If flights can land and take off why they cant work under dust proof and aircondition office .. That day i lost my return flight ticket and rebook another ticket ..

    Now facing decision delay of my application i really looking for complaint against the polish mission in saudi arabia if you could help me how to complaint i will appreciate it.

    Further i will not recommends any one to apply for poland visa .. They very stupid , arogant, and un profissional people.

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    You can complain regarding the lack of professionalism of the Polish Embassy but you will need to wait until the process has finished and you receive your visa or not.

    What ever happens you have the right to complain
    You must complain first to the Polish Embassy, if that fails you then complain to the European Commission.

    I also found this snippet o the Polish website
    I believe you need to address a letter to Mr. Marcin Styszyński, and request to see him

    As for the closure of the office during the sand storm , let me explain.
    I am British and for 8 years of my life lived and worked in both Bahrain, Qatar and Briefly in Dubai. So I understand the "shamal" and the type of sand storm you refer too and yes, life goes on as normal.

    However, in European countries we have the law of Health and Safety. I think the Polish Embassy used the Health and Safety rule to close the visa on that day. The Embassy is not governed by Saudi Arabia but by the laws of Poland. So if they think workers health or safety could be in danger they can close the office. So, you will not be able to complain about that.

    I do hope that helps you.

    I almost forgot to ask, why do you want to go to Poland?

  • @Alethia ,

    I have my 7 days holidays ahead exactly after 11 days (eid holidays) i thought this time to select a budget and an effordable country to spend my holidays in, so i select poland as it has alot to explore in relation to history and world war two under great budget especially the curancy rate of poland and saudi Arabia is same this ia the only reason to select the country for my holidays in schengen zone "EU".
  • @Alethia


    Today i just visited to poland embassy, i give them passport collection token to confirm about my passport.. You know what they say!

    It not ready yet, once it ready we will call you !!! No need to visit before that!!!

    I tried to tell them that i have flight at 12 jun my reservation is confirmed if you not clear it to me i will suffer the cost!!! They only says

    Not ready yet!

    An arogant behavior observed.. Are they really belongs to a developed country??? After 25 days they are not sure when my pasaport will ready?? If it is so why they have mentioned 15 working days for visa process???

    Even my country pakistan embassies around the world are faster than this so called developed and cheap country!!!

    Any one who read my thread i strongly recommend pls dont ever try to this cheap country poland they have unprofessional and incompetent mission team..i recommend visit Tureky.. Uk.. Usa or better enjoy your holidays in your own sweet country but dont try to visit so called developed schengen zone states .. They all are theif.

    Regret i had apply and waste my money.
  • @Nasir055
    The behaviour of the Polish Embassy has been appaling. It is a shame you did not think to lodge a formal complaint while you were there.
    It may seem fruitless to you, but I suggest you do make a formal complaint and ask for your money back. If you complain before they make a decision they cannot say your complaining because you were refused for example.
    Please dont be put off by the ignorance of the Poles.
    I hope you can enjoy your holiday wherever you chose to go.
  • @Alethia

    I followed your suggestion as you said to me wait tell you get your decision than complaint.. Otherwise i was about to complaint against them to the head of the embassy,

    However they already discourage me to visit there country! Even if i get visa i will not go to such country as embassy tell all about there country. Embassy and ambassador represent country so if they are like this there country and people will be double than them.

    My next destination to have my halodys gonna be Uk soon as These holidays ruins by poland :(

    @Alethia. Thank you so much for being responsive to my quarries.

  • @Nasir055
    I apologise for telling you to wait to complain At the time I was not aware you would go to see them physically. I also did not want them initially to refuse the visa.
    I suggest if you do get the visa in time. Instead of staying in Poland use the flights but travel to Prague.
    There is an overnight train to Prague ( 8 hours)
    Which is the most interesting and lovely of cities. There is plenty to see and do. Currency is the Czech corunna

    You are very welcome to my time and responses the forum has a reputation for providing good advice and being friendly.
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    Thanks.. no its oky pls dont say apologise,

    i just search czech republic .. OMG its 500% cheaper than Poland!!!!!!! you really motivate me.. let me try this if i got the visa from polish embassy.. :( on 12 of june i have confirmed flight!! pls pray !

    i will try to go there no need to stay there any way.!!

  • @Nasir500
    I have been 3 times to Czech Republic its a lovely country. You will enjoy it very much lots of history and its beautiful.

    You should take a cruise one day down the Vlatava river from Prague it is really wonderful.

    Also you can take the bus to Karlovy Vary a picturesque town that was once part of Germany and was called Karlsbad.

    The Schengen visa will let you travel to anywhere in the Schengen zone.

    I truly hope and pray that you obtain the visa.
  • @Alethia

    Finally the decision received i collect my passport with refusal letter!! Despite provide all geniun check list as per embassy page.

    1. Application form
    2. Photos
    3. Passport + copy
    4. Employer introduction letter
    5.confirm airline ticket
    6. Confirm hotel reservation for 6 days
    7. Travel insurance
    8. Copy of my residential permit and exit and re-entry permit
    9. Six month bank statement of 43000 riyal genuine not fake which equal to 42000 zloty
    10. Day by day Itinerary after arrivel in krakow poland where i stated my visiting sightseens.

    But the decision is against to grant me visa after taking my passport for 28 days....

    Refusal points are

    3. You have not provided proof of sufficient means of subsistence for the duration of the intended stay or for the return to the country of origin or residence, or for the transit to a third country into which you are certain to be admitted, or you are not in a position to acquire such means lawfully.

    9. Your intention to leave the territory of the Member States before the expiry of the visa applied for could not be ascertained.

    I dont know why they considor my bank statement and confirmed reservations insufficient???

    Should i appeal??

    As i have my approved leave application, all of my salary slips, i have my approved company circular for Eid holiday in which i can travel further i have my itinerary after arrival in krakow poland that i already have submitted along with my application.

    If you could share with me your expert opinion to appeal or not if appeal guide me for that.

    :( :( :(

    My opinion its look racial decision.
  • @Alethia

    I did one mistake during my visa process i withdraw half of the amount from statement is that really the cause to my visa rejection.

    Some said to me that embassy do check your bank statement with bank who issued to you bank statement is it true?? Is they asking only to verify statement or they also ask a out current price?
  • @Nasir055
    I said to you in my first post on May 31
    To take so long is worrying as there is a problem with your application.

    This is not a racially motivated refusal.

    You did not have enough money to start with and then you removed half of the money.
    The embassy do verify bank statements in case they are fradulent and you made the mistake of withdrawing funds
    As a guide most Schengen countries require a minimum of 50 Euro per day to live on after after you have paid for the hotel.

    The Polish Embassy have not been professional but you did not have enough money then you removed funds - not good.

    If nothing else this has been a learning curve. Good luck.
  • @Alethia


    once again, i come here to take your advise , as you know i had refusal for my visa to poland, after receiving the refusal letter same day i put my appeal to embassy of poland below things done to my application.

    1. they kept my passport again for more than 1 month

    2. they charged me 250 riyal even for appeal against my visa refusal

    3. they ignored my appeal even they kept it again more than a month after a month i send many email no respond i call many time no respond.

    what i have done is. i called to the consulate of poland in jeddah , one officer talked to me and he did my support to check if my case is done or not, he informed me the application normally take 14 days, i reply to him its been more than a month they did not responding to my case than the officer asked me did you send the payment token to trace you passport i said yes i did than he said did you call them i said yes than he said oky send to me your all email i will look it out what is the problem than i send my email to the officer of consular to trace my application and you will not believe it with in 10 minute i received email from embassy that "your passport ready and please come to collect it" i went same time and collect my passport but there was nothing only the same refusal letter.

    I believe they did not processed my appeal and they have kept it in embassy because they just wrote the decision date before the day i asked the consular to help me and check my application.

    other thing they have done that they charged me for 250 riyal even for appeal which free of cost if any one like to appeal against decision im shocked really ..

    i heard normally the appeal procedure is you just need to put forward an appeal application to embassy to review the decision if the appeal success they call to bring the passport for visa with supporting document but polish embassy did not this, they charge me with money and with new application which is totally above laws they did not say we will review only your application but they forced me to fill new application and to pay, is it correct is any embassy collect money even for hearing your appeal against visa refusal?

    i want you pls advise me i really angry and want to complaint what should i do should i complaint directly to EU commission or to Poland embassy ambassador?

  • @Nasir055
    I suggest you make a formal complaint to the Polish Embassy and also the European Commission they have an online complaint form
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