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Malta refused student visa

This discussion was created from comments split from: Schengen refusal - Public threat.


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    My student visa application refused by malta embassy on 25 may 2018. Intention to stay that they said in the refusal letter. But everything was fine. My mom and my brother in law sponsoring study expenses and living exepense .My mom working in Israel and brother working in Qatar. Also gave enough bank balance statement, covering letters and job related documents.. I got the offer letter from MCAST It's public college. It attached in the documents too. However they denied my visa. I sent my attested documents copy to malta appeal center for appeal. Should I wait for it or just forget and try another country. Some of my friends said UK visa is easily getting. They are studying in UK. I choose malta because of its low living expenses compared another European countries. My question is appealing is good or waist of time.?
  • @sajithvarghese1
    Schengen states are handling appeals much better these days. Malta is efficient so I suggest you wait for the outcome of your appeal.

    You do not give the reason why you were refused.

    It is not easy to obtain a UK visa, do not listen to your friends.
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    @Alethia. Thanks for your reply. Ok I will wait. But my last class starts on 11 june 2018.last entry date 18th june. My documents reached malta last Thursday. Still no response from there. Even i got visa. It may too late. Waiting mail, call or something from mlata embassy.
  • @sajithvarghese1
    Have you informed the school that you are appealing the visa refusal?
  • @Alethia yes. STEPHEN VELLA who is the GENERAL MANGER of MCAST. My agency contacted him . I think he may can help. I'm not sure. But my agency (Edex Career Management) said he can help me because may be my visa refused by accident.
  • @sajithvarghese1
    I asked you to give the reason why you were refused.
    Your agency is talking nonsense visas are not refused by accident so please give me the reasons why you were refused.
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  • @sajithvarghese1
    That is not an accidental refusal. The Maltese do not believe you will attend university. There must have been something lacking in the documents you provided.
  • @Alethia Every documents provide as per malta embassy check list. At the time of embassy interview, interviewer ask to provide a notary attested declaration from sponsers. But I can't, because my sponsers (my mom and brother) working aboard. So i told him to give me 10 days for the notary attested declaration. But he said it "just forget it ". I thought it was ok. As per embassy check list, if sponser/s were aboard only a signed declaration on A4 sheet is needed, its also attached on my documents at the time of documents submission.
  • @sajithvarghese1
    No wonder you were refused.You failed to supply one of the most important documents, how you are going to be financially supported. Then you stupidly ask for 10 days to supply the documents, no wonder the interviewer told you to forget it.
    It is irrelevant where your sponsors lives and works their bank statements and proof of their employment (employers letter) and a letter from your family member that they will sponsor you must be submitted with the original application .
    So you did not sunbit the correct documents and if you have submitted them with your appeal that will also be refused.
  • @Alethia I submitted all documents as per malta embassy check list. The interviewer actually asked a new type document that not in the check list. How could I submit a notary attested declaration from my sponsers without even know its needed. As per the check list only a declaration from my sponsers is needed.
  • @sajithvarghese1
    A declaration is normally certified.
  • @Alethia No.I checked twice. Searched on internet too. Notary attested declaration from sponser is necessary only for minor student or if the sponser not working another country. In My case I'm not minor as well as my sponsers are working aboard. I think god have a better plan for me. Any thanks Aletia for your comments and support.
  • @Alethia My self John thampi recently I have applied for students visa for MALTA MCAST university unfortunately I got refuse by the reason is " your intention to leave the territory of the member status before the expiry of the visa could not be ascertained " . Last week I have applied for an appeal. On they other hand I searched appeal is good to get visa so I'm waiting for appeal result,,, so please tell me is it possible or not?Our class is started today !
  • @sajithvarghese1
    You wrote Notary attested declaration from sponser is necessary "................ or if the sponser not working another country"
    This is absolute nonsense all declarations must be certified otherwise it is not a legal declaration.
  • @johnthaiparambil18
    You will just have to wait and see.
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