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Tunisian girl marrying a Turkish man

Hello everyone, I'm a Tunisian female i got engaged to a Turkish man few months ago and we are planning to get married in september... in order to marry we need a 'certificate of legal capacity to marry' from the Turkish embassy in Tunisia .my fiancé called the Turkish embassy in Tunisia for informations and they told him to get an appointement online then we both need to visit them and have an interview .they told him in one week they prepare the certificate and we can marry.But i'm afraid it will take more time since i fixed a date and started the reservations and preparating for our wedding.Please can anyone help me


  • @Sihem
    The document does not need to be from the Turkish Embassy in Tunisia, Your fiance can obtain the legal capacity to marry document from Turkey.
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    thank you for replying.. but the municipality (city hall) asked to be done in Turkish Embassy in Tunisia ...and Turkish Embassy told my fiance he should come and apply for the document and he can't travel outside Tunisia when he apply for it, and after we get the document we should get married in two weeks, the document expire in two weeks (i've never heard about this before) is it better to consult a notary or we get marry in the city hall?
  • @Sihem
    A notary is better than city hall.

    Also it is incorrect that they accept documents only from the Turkish Embassy. you can get the'certificate of "legal capacity to marry' from Turkey.

    Legal capacity to marry or a Certificate of no impediment or an Affidavit of legal capacity to marry are the names of documents required by governments when a foreigner wants to marry in their country. if you were marrying in Turkey you would need to make an affidavit that you were free to marry.

    Good luck
  • ok thank you so much :)
  • @Sihem nchallah mabrouk. I agree with @Alethia . your fiance should get his certificate in Turkey. it will be accepted without a problem. also I have just been advised that certificate de naissance must be in French....this is for you as well. I am trying to clarify if this is just for Tunisian passport application or across the board so make sure all documents are translated.
  • @Lesley 3aychek thank you for the help :smile:
  • @Sihem - 3aychek ogtee......mich mouchkaleh
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