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How Can I fill in "Personal data of the family member who is an EU, EEA or CH citizen"?

I am invited to attend a conference in paris. I am going to apply for a Schengen Visa from France embassy.
I have a sister in German but if i don't visit her, have I to type in the fields the information related to her?
I am filling in the field "34. Personal data of the family member who is an EU, EEA or CH citizen"
Should I mentioned her information in the visa application or Type N/A?



  • @Abdulqader
    Is your sister an EU citizen or just living in Germany? If she is not a German citizen dont fill it in.
    If you have no intention of visiting your sister dont fill it in.
  • @Alethia
    Thank you very much, Alethia
    Yes, my sister is a German citizen and living in Germany and i intend to visit her. If so, is it required for my application a proof from German police confirming that I will visit her and stay 2 days with them?

    1- Is it OK for Schengen visa application to provide flight itinerary with from my homeland to France and from France to Germany a train itinerary?

    2- I have an invitation letter as a visitor to attend an event (Conference and solution workshops).
    Which can I choose under the "the main purpose of the visa"?
    Is it correct if I check the "Other" and type "Conference and solution workshops" AND check also "Cultural"?
  • @Abdulqader
    1. Your sister must provide a Letter of Commitment for a short stay known in German as
    Verpflichtungserklärung this is not taken from the police but from the Ordungsamt office.
    2. You must provide proof of flights to France and from France to Germany by train then your flight home
    3.If the conference is most important then this is the main purpose of stay which is
    Conference and solution workshops, cultural is not a family visit
  • @Alethia
    Thank you for your excellent answers
    I am sorry but I want to hand in my application without errors
    "If I no have intention of visiting my sister", should I leave the fields empty even if my sister is a German citizen?

    I appreciate you perspective
  • @Abdulqader
    If you have no intention of seeing your sister then leave the fields empty.
  • @Alethia
    Hi Alethia, you are really one in a million, thanks

    I have an invitation letter from a conference but I have to pay the accommodation and flight ticket fees or (Maybe my homeland university).

    1- How do you recommend me to do to enrich my visa application?
    2- What kind of documents should I attached with my application to have my file complete without any lack of documents?

    3- The conference will be held in september 2018. So, Do I book my accommodation and flight ticket now or later?

    4- If you have a good website for booking, please write them down to me.

    5- I am a univerisyt teacher and I have my bank account but I withdraw all my salay in the due day and now I have only about 800$ in it. Does this amount of money is enough for 4 day staying in paris or more? I can add 1600 more money to my account if it is better?

    Kind Regards

  • @Alethia
    thank you for your previous answers and I appreciate it.

    Can anyone answer my last questions?
  • @Abdulqader
    You asked lots of questions not just one question maybe you should seek help from a lawyer /agent if you dont understand the visa process. will need more than $800 especially as you need to pay for a hotel

    2. Try booking sites such as Trivago, and

    3.You should apply for your visa in July so make hour flight and hotel reservations in July. You can apply for a Schengen visa 3 months before your travel date.
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