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Refusal of Spain Visa ( First Time ) : What should I do next ???

Hi there . Recently I applied tourist visa for spain they denied visa and give me letter saying reason are

No.2 justification for the purpose and conditions of the intended stay was not provide .

No 9. your intention to leave the territory of the Member States before the expiry of the visa could not be ascertained .

I am Thai and currently working in Dubai with resident work permit . I been to Europe several time for the last 5 years but never applied for Spain visa ( Mostly went to Scandinavia to visit friends and travelled ) So this year for my vacations ( 2 months ) I am planing to visit one of my friend in Alicante . My friend invited me and my other friend to stay in his place . We do have invitation paper from the police in Spain . but not his personal letter to the embassy and I have the letter form company that will sponsor for all expenses during my travels ( this is I think that why they refused for No.2 ?? )

and I forgot the annual leave letter from the company as well so maybe that why the refusal No.9 coming up ??

My questions is . What should I do after they refused my visa? should I re-apply again ? or Do I have to apply the new form ?? and Do I have to add more documents to support for this 2 refusal ??? or should I change visa type for visitor visa ??

Thanks in Advance


  • @ Iam_chiroto
    To make a fresh application you must have all new documents and a new application form.
    You should have applied for a visit visa in the first place, I dont know what type of visa you applied for.
    You need evidence of where you are staying not just the letter from the Spanish police and your employers letter
  • @Alethia I had applied for tourist visa . Do you think I should apply for visit visa and make a fresh application ?? I heard it took quit long for re-apply with the same trisection number

    Thanks .
  • @Iam_chiroto
    A tourist visa and a visitor visa are exactly the same visa. You have to apply for a fresh visa. There is no other way to get a visa. you dont have to wait you can apply straight away.
    I have no idea what you mean by this statement
    " I heard it took quit long for re-apply with the same trisection number "
  • @Alethia I mean for re-apply visa again . thank you anyway I also apply the fresh one is more faster .
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